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Changing family to a diabetic diet. Is this a healthy choice?

My boyfriend is moving in with me and he has type 2 diabetes. I want to follow a healthy diet for him. Is a diabetic diet healthy for everyone else in my family?  We have 7 kids between us and I wanted to make sure they are eating healthy as well. Is there anything I should know when changing to a diabetic diet? Anything that the kids should not eat or should eat that is not part of that diet?
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Hi.  Well, sure, generally that is considered a healthy way to eat.  Someone who has diabetes has a few different concerns than the general public and I, as a mom, think that kids do need some indulgences here and there.  Tips I've heard are go to the grocery on a full stomach (lessens impulse buying) and shop of the periphery of the store the most.  This is where you find the healthiest foods like produce, etc.  You want whole grain, high fiber food.  Obviously sugar laden or sugar added foods are to be avoided.  Carbohydrates are to be minimized as well.   Avoiding the 'salty six' as well (here is a good link for that: https://www.heart.org/en/healthy-living/healthy-eating/eat-smart/sodium/salty-six-infographic  Avoid high salt things such as canned soups with salt, pepperoni on pizza, cured meats and cold cuts, bread!, taco meat, .  Also, balance your plate.  Half is vegi's .  one quarter carbs and one quarter lean protein.  

This article gives you a run down on what to avoid and what to add to the diabetic diet.  https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/diabetes-meal-plan  There is also a diet and exercise (title of the forum) here and we discuss eating healthy as a family there.  :>)  Good luck!!
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The treatment of diabetes includes several aspects such as diet control, moderate exercise, medication, and enhanced monitoring.

Diet control is the first priority, which is the basis for controlling blood sugar. Specific requirements include quitting smoking and alcohol, and avoid eating greasy food.

Control carbohydrate foods no more than 300g per day. Carbohydrates include white sugar, brown sugar, coffee, and starch-rich foods such as flour, rice, and potato chips.

You can increase the intake of vegetables and protein foods in moderation to avoid excessive hunger.
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The type of diet that is beneficial for a person with diabetes is also beneficial for the whole family, particularly when the diet is built around quality proteins and unprocessed foods.
Traditionally people with diabetes were told to eat a very high carb diet.  This is now known to make management more difficult in many cases, and now a lot of people are moving towards low carb / low carb paleo, or even ketogenic ways of eating.

The person with diabetes should manage carb intake very carefully.  i am diabetic and typically eat 20 - 30 total grams of carb a day.  I eat eggs, nuts, meats, and plenty of veges.  My children also eat the same way, though they eat small amounts of fruit.
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