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Coke Zero

How bad is Coke Zero for a type 2 diabetic?  I hear conflicting information and even my doctor says that within moderation it's ok to drink it.  
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there are some studies showing that coke zero artificial sweeteners are not beneficial in diabetes, even though they don't contain sugars.   The artificial sweeters also seem to have metabolic impacts.

Recommend you consider alternative drinks.  Soda water with a splash of lime, lemon, orange, or infused with some fresh fruit can be refreshing.  Unsweetened teas, etc.  Even plain water.

over time your tastes will change.

Hope this helps.
Thank you:)
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I've tried a few non sugar, artifical flavored soda, including Coke zero.  My body has a reaction to artifical sweetners, as for diabetic levels, didn't affect my levels much.    
Thank you:)  So far it hasn't affected my levels either but everyone nags me that it's so bad for me.  Frustrated.
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I'm not 100% positive on how to answer this, but Coke Zero (cherry zero) is the only one my mom drinks and her blood sugars are just fine and low. I because of stomach issues I drink Zero Sodas but ones without caffeine and diet sodas without caffeine and that doesn't affect my blood sugars at all. my stomach maybe with the caffeine lol, but also of course, water helps too :)
Thank you so much:)
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