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Hi I was diagnosed December 2014 Gloucose was 203 .  I was put on invonkana (300 mg) plus I changed eating habits and lost 42 lbs.  By June fasting blood sugar was 108. Dr said I could probably come off the meds soon if I keep doing this well . Just went to dr 2 weeks ago and fasting sugar was 135. He changed my meds to xigduo xr. Is a change like this normal ? I wasn't testing my own sugar but now I  am ( dr told me not to test cause i will obsess which I kind of am) he told me as long as sugar is between 100 & 150. I'm doing well . Online I read as long as sugar stays below 189 after eating , that's good . Not sure what my numbers should be . Fasting sugar is usually 120. I didn't start the new meds cause I'm worried about side effects and am trying to control this with the invikAna and diet and exercise . Maybe I should try the new meds. Has anyone ever used this med? Are my numbers too high ?
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Hi Natalie1959!

I'm sorry that you are having a rough time with this.  There is so much information about diabetes out there that it can all be confusing.  

One thing I'd like to point out is, you're likely to get "opinions" here rather than official medical information.  It's important to trust your doctor or find a second opinion with a qualified health care professional.

I am not familiar with the med your doctor put you on.  It looks like a combination of metformin (which I am on) and another one that I haven't heard of.  Not sure of the side effects that are a concern to you, but a lot of meds for diabetes or anything for that matter has potential side effects.

One thing I would like to point out is, your doctor is looking out for your best interest.  if you don't have faith in your doctor, please get a second opinion just to put your mind at east.  As well, is your doctor a general physician or is he/she an endocrinologist?  If they are a general Physician, it might be worthwhile to speak to an endo.

I've been told that my goal is to be around 100.  A little over isn't bad but what is important is consistency.  My fasting blood sugar this last test was 189!  Not good, so I am checking my diet, getting more exercise and drinking a ton of water.  

Hope this was somewhat helpful.  If not, write back and Ill see if I can help you a bit more.  By the way, relax a little.  Diabetes does not have to be a death sentence.  Studying and asking your doc questions are the key.
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Hi Brice!
Thank you so much for the quick response. I found it very helpful. My doctor is my family physician who I have been going to for 24 years. I am thinking , though , that maybe if I can't get control of this with his help , I will need to find an endocrinologist.  My doctor never really gave me any guide lines about eating -he just said everything in moderation and cut out the obvious sugary junk. Which I did . I am currently taking meds for blood pressure and thyroid . Blood pressure is under good control. I am learning from testing what seems to cause blood sugar to spike . I really don't want to test  everyday.  I'm hoping once I get this  under control , I can stop the testing .  Dr says I don't need to test but now that I started , I'm scared to stop. I want to thank you for your help. Sorry if I sound  crazy , it's just a lot to take in. You were very helpful.
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Hi Natalie,
for a condition like diabetes I have found that I am my own best manager.

I target my fasting blood sugar to be in the mid 80s.  120 is on the high side to target for fasting.

You might want to try adjusting your carbs.  If I eat a carby dinner, my blood sugar will be high the next morning (even though I dosed insulin to cover it).  When I eat low carb for dinner my next day numbers are much better.  By low carb I would mean no grains or starchy veges or sweets at dinner time (including most fruits).

You also may experiment with the benefit of a nightly walk (or other exercise) on reducing your sugar the next day.

I disagree with your dr about not testing.  How can you drive a car without seeing.  If you cannot see the road (your blood sugar) how can you steer.

This is a marathon event.  Ask questions, learn, experiment.

Best wishes.

You may want to look up utube Bernstein Diabetes University.  It has excellent info in small bites.  He strongly advocates low carb, as do i.
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I think it would be worth trying the medication prescribed by your dr.  Be aware it may take a bit to get used to it.

I take the position that drug sugar control is critical.  Currently you are not controlling it as well as you'd like by just the one medication and your current diet and exercise.  If you can get some help, I say go for it.
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hi! Thank you so much for your advice. I am slowly learning about everything . Tracking my blood sugar has been so enlightening as far as how food is affecting my sugar levels.  My fasting sugar today was 111. I am also starting to drink lots of water and will exercise . I have a treadmill and exercise bike so I just need to get with it. If after doing all this , things don't improve,  I will take the new meds. Is a week too short a time period to expect to see improvement?  Also as a side note, my dad and 2 brothers also have diabetes so it is in my family. They all control it with meds., for over 29 years. I'm hoping to achieve the same. Thanks again for your help. I am taking all the help I can get!
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Hi natalie,

I think you should give your consistent lifestyle efforts 2 weeks to see if it is enough to control your blood sugar.

Keep experimenting.  Like I said, this is a marathon, so you do have time.

However, do learn and work very hard to keep your blood sugar stable and on target.  If you need the meds and the lifestyle so be it.

I always say "diabetes with 'normal blood sugar' has no complications, but out of control blood sugar has many complications".
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i appreciate all of your advice., it is giving me hope that maybe this won't be so terrible after all. I'm really trying to have s positive attitude and am willing to do wherever it takes to control this (even if it involves meds!). I had already made a lot of changes  to my diet in order to liose weight  so now I'm  making even more.  Today was a good day , drank lots of water and rode my exercise bike.my numbers were all under 100 today ! Hope it's not a fluke.  I'm realizing the food thing takes lots of planning hope it  gets easier the more I do it.
  Also I'm going to keep in mind your saying about diabetes with normal  blood sugars means no complications!!!
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First where did you read online as long as sugar stays below 189 its good.  You should check who is responsible for the site.  Commercial sites by nature , are least objective.  I never tried either med.  You sound concerned. You should ask yourself benefit vs risks when deciding any medication, Rx& OTC. Good luck to you.
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i typed that # incorrectly ...it should have read 180 . I read this  on diabetes.org.. It states they according to the American diabetes association , blood sugar level 2 hours after start of a meal should go no higher than 180 for a diabetic and no higher  than 140 for non diabetic.  
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Hey Natalie,
Glad things are kind of coming together a little for you.  Diabetes is not a death sentence.  Like Supersally said, its kind of a marathon.  For a little motivation, you ought to look into all of the things diabetes can affect.  It's alarming but it is need to know information.

Supersally also gave killer advice with the carbs!  For me and watching the carbs, its pretty easy.  No bread of any type, nothing baked, and no rice/potatoes.  On paper it looked pretty miserable but it wasn't that big of a deal.  (Especially when I learned how to make potato salad with cauliflower!  Good lord is it good.)
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Thanks for the advice. I have been testing all week and  it's definetly helping. I have looked at the things diabetes can affect and I'll admit it has me scared to death !  I am taking Sally's advice to heart and keeping in mind that if you can keep the blood sugar under control then complications won't happen .
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People in good control do live long happy healthy lives.  

I've been going though a rough patch in life lately and had a bit of a scare.  My most recent A1c was an 8!!!  Fasting blood glucose level was a 189!!!
(That was on Wednesday....)  I haven't had a reading over 120 since!

We just have to pay attention and do what works for us...  I am back on low carb but have had wonderful success with intermittent fasting.
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what is intermittent fasting ? I never heard of that .
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Look it up.  It works for so many people and oddly the body adjusts pretty well.  You basically fast for 16 hours, but think about it before you back out!  You probably sleep in the vicinity of 8 hours.  Then you just take a break for 4 hours after you wake up and 4 hours before you go to bed.  

There is a lot of good stuff out there on this and my endo is doing this diet!  (He doesn't even have diabetes!)  And for me at least, the results are not arguable.
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thanks! I will definitely look that up !
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I have also had very good results with intermittent fasting.  Basically you give your pancreas a rest for 16 - 18 hours a day.  You eat healthy foods, plenty of fats and low carb during the rest of the time.  It is surprisingly freeing not to be worrying about food so often.  My energy is good with this approach too.  I typically just skip breakfast, which works well for me and I'm not  hungry.  Others skip dinner.

I am on insulin, and such an approach means I can keep my blood sugar in the 80- 90s for most of those 16 - 18 hours.  My latest Hba1c was 5.4 (but I had an early miscarriage and was sick).  I want it equal to or less than 5.0.
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Hi.  I never was a breakfast eater. I normally would just drink 2 cups of coffee and not eat til lunchtime . But since this diagnosis, I have been makingyself eat breakfast . I like the idea of fasting in the morning . Very doable for me. Do you think that would be ok to do on a daily basis ? And should I skip the two cups of coffee ? On a side note , I have been testing my sugar everyday before and after meals , in the morning and at bedtime . And sugar is still over 100.( fasting ) running 108 to 120 at highest. Before meals it's in the 90's and after meals can go to 100 to 120 range. . Is this good ? Seems like improvement to me. I'm really learning what ti not eat and I'm walking more.
Also , sorry about your miscarriage.
Thank you for all your advice
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It sounds like you have pretty good control.  What I think you'll find is, once you settle in and stick with a program, your glucose levels will further correct themselves.  Stress does affect glucose levels and working on something new can be stressful.

About the fasting and your coffee.  Do you use cream with your coffee?  According to my wife's endocrinologist, use heavy cream and not half and half or milk.  The heavy cream has less/no carbs and will often make you feel full and that kind of helps for the fasting.  

The intermittent fasting idea is becoming more and more popular with endocrinologists across the country/globe.  They don't know exactly why it works but it does and it also allows your diet to be a little less restricted.  In other words, you can get away with eating a bun with a hamburger or perhaps eat some fries and it does NOT affect your glucose levels.  

They assume that when we were all hunter gatherers, there were times when we didn't eat or ate very little and the pancreas didn't have to do the work it does today.  So our bodies were fluctuating between feast and famine and that kept us burning our fat reserves.  

whatever the case may be, it works for me.  Low carb seems to work a little better.
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thank you so much for the encouragement . It's not easy but it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be as far as this eating thing . I am really trying to have a positive attitude.  It helps a lot to read encouraging things and to realize this doesn't have to be a death sentence. .
  I have been using light cream in my coffee but I can easily switch to heavy cream and give that a try !
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I have another question . I've been testing before meals and 1 hour after eating  then 2 hours after eating . It read I should do this so I can see how blood sugar spikes after eating and then how quickly it goes back down . A couple of times I was unable to test after one hour but tested after two hours and my blood sugar was less than before I even ate. Is this normal ??  Thanks for any help !
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Not Normal but not unusual  its called reactive hypoglycemia.  Your pancreas gets turned on when you eat but doesn't stop making insulin when it should, that can drive BG down
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is this  dangerous? How do I adjust this ?
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Less than when you ate?  What was your blood sugar before you ate, and then when it came down again.  If it was 120 before you ate, and 100 after you ate, this is not a problem.  It only shows that your body is not good at regulating fasting blood sugar, but is still able to manage the post eating blood sugar.  If it was 80 before you ate and 70 after still not a problem (but would not like to see it regularly going below 70).

I would say as long as your blood sugar is higher than 70, there is nothing to be concerned about.

Work on your fasting blood sugars (exercise / meds / food amount and choice), to bring them close to the mid 80s (range 70 - 95) that is considered normal.
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it was 120 before dinner and 106 two hours after.  I haven't ever been lower than 70. My worst number is the morning number upon waking . It's getting better but still not below 100. Daytime numbers are pretty good . I am reading that  one hour after eating blood sugar ideally should be under 140 biut no h
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