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Cooking oatmeal for diabetics

Hi , can someone with diabetes type 2 tell me how he cooks oatmeal for breakfast with quantities please.
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We are all different, so what you can eat (carbs) will be more than I can eat. Being a T2 I dont eat oatmeal,  way to many carbs (carbohydrates) in oatmeal

Carbs raise BG not just sugar...  ALL carbs raise BG.

If you must eat oatmeal  "test BG , count carbs eat, test BG,  revue"
Alright thank you, i see but i did some researches on google and i find that oatmeal is one of the best ways to start your day with if you have diabetes .
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The best way to start your day is with a meal that wont take your BG up above the threshold of where damage starts.  That is a BG of 140.  above that is where damage to your nerves and capillaries start.  That is why I say test if you dont know your BG how can you know if the oatmeal is raising your BG to high?
Yes i see by testing but before i test i just need to know the right way to cook oatmeal so that i can cook it and test my blood sugar and thank you :)
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if you want to check, then measure a known amount of steel cut oats (not instant type) and cook it with water.  You can then add milk and / or cream, but no sugar.  Measure your blood sugar 2 hours after eating.  If your blood sugar is < 140 (or even better less than 120) then you know you can eat that amount of oatmeal.  If your blood sugar is higher than 120/ 140, then you could try eating a lesser amount the next time you try it.  

Some people with diabetes find they can eat oatmeal, others cannot.
Alright thank you very much ^^
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I make mine with milk and it doesn't raise my blood sugar
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I have a bowl of porridge every morning. I put 4 dessert spoons (slightly rounded) in a bowl and add 1 teacup of water. A few grains of salt. Put in microwave at medium setting for 2 minutes, remove, stir and microwave for one more minute. If the microwave power is too high, it may boil over. Next time adjust quantities, time and power to get a better result. Oats are supposed to be good because they are absorbed slowly, but speak to your dietician. As it's the first meal of the day, I add about
a quarter teaspoon of sugar(!), but it's the only sugar I add to anything all day.
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