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Could this be diabetes?

I had to go into emergency last weekend as I phoned up NHS24 for advice on a painful groin as i was sent home from work two days in a row and doubled up in pain. Non-hemlysed trace of blood in urine a week before at onset. The nurse answering the call asked if i had diabetes and had I been tested. The first question the Dr asked was had I diabetes so I'm guessing they might be trying to tell me something. The ER doc said it was a urinary tract infection.  Rxed Trimethoprim and said to see my own GP.

Also the GU/STD Doctor said it's nothing to do with HIV/STIs and didn't disagree I should get checked for Diabetes. ( I haven't had sex since Dec[ poor me] and been checked HIV 22wks, HCV 28wks, TP 14wks, HBV 14 wks, basically everything else out their respective window periods after) ,

Pain behind my knees since January
Itching all over body in February and various outbreaks since.
Muscle crawling in left leg in Feb for a week then persistent pins and needles on both feet and hands.
Burning sensation in my eyes particularly the left since April. Opthalmologist saw nothing out of sorts and said I;d 6/6 vision.
Burning at the back of my head at top of neck, centre.
I've had quite a lot of fatigue at work the last 6 mths or so
It just dawned on me last week that since eyes, circulation and urinary tract are involved I might be pre/diabetic diabetic.

I've been trying to watch my sugar intake.
The last few weeks I've been using artificial sweeteners in my beverages and I have noticed a marked reduction in eye pain. I've also only been on short working time the last few weeks too a day or two here or there so more relaxed.

Risk factors:
smoker, heavy social drinker, bit of extra weight round waist, varicose veins, active job, sedentary leisure time.
No diabetes in the family , though father had a kidney removed 30 yrs ago due to a stone.

Any thoughts?

How do I get tested? Appointment 29th, need to know what to do to prepare [e.g urine sample, 24hr collection,stool sample] if my Doc thinks I may need to be evaluated for DM so I don't have to make too may appointments.
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They're asking if your a diabetic to insure there are no contradictions on medications if they were to prescribe any for your groin issue. Its should be seen as the same as "are you allergic to any medication?".
Go here for an explanation of the different diabetes tests. http://tinyurl.com/2wv9lj
Your doctor and/or his office staff should explain what you should do to prepare for testing.
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The nurse on the telephone is obvously not subscribing so I would disagree with you that she was looking for contraindications.
At the 24hr GP it was at the start of the discussion i.e. his diagnostic questioning..
In discussion with the GUM clinic Doctor prescribing wasn't an issue.  

Thanks for the link.
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Prescribing I meant, not subscribing.
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According to the American Diabetes Association, a diagnosis of diabetes is made by having a fasting blood sugar >126 on two separate occassions.  
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D'Oh, maybe more appointments then. So I should maybe fast for my appt tomorrow 5pm?

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My Dr said I don't have diabetes. He ran a multistix test all bands OK.
He's not following up with blood work for DM,
He is though gointg to run kidney, liver and endocrine tests as I have had cloudy urine,  prostatis/UTI and a lot of symptoms the last 6m.
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