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Could this be signs

My son 17, just as recently as Tuesday was experiencing Flu like symptoms chills and muscle/joint cramps and pains, Wed. he woke up and noticed blood in his urine, his flu-like symptoms had disappeared, He is an active soccer player and exercises daily, is the blood in his urine simply due to his exercising or could it be something serious like diabetes. He also says that he now frequents the bathroom but can not produce urine the doctors are not sure what it is yet, they believe kidney stones?
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your son needs to see his doctor, it most likely has a urinary tract infection. the flu like symptons could mean even a kidney stone passing or a kidney infection. U need to take him to the doctor asap. Blood in urine is not a sign of Diabetes, its a infection...
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My son just had a similar problem with blood in his urine.  He saw a pediatric urologist who said his blood in urine was due to a viral infection he had had previously.  The infection causes some inflammation in the urethra, which in turn causes the blood.  Your son should go to his doctor to have him tested (just so you can rule out any anatomical abnormalities), but don't worry.  There are benign causes of blood in urine.  
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