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Anyone can comment on DIAB-X, I was recently diagnosed with TYPE II. Lost and really don't know how to cope, someone told me about DIAB-x but I can't get any reviews.

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Snake oil...no site list amount of ingredients in each capsule/tablet. To much chromium leads to ill health. If it was such a cure then why hasn't the American Diabetes Association made announcements proclaiming its wonder cure? No doctors backing this wonder cure? No major teaching hospital where doctors are trained using it or backing it? By the way, I went to the various university web sites and various test labs listed on several pages touting DIAB-X, and searched and searched for DIAB-X test results. Guess what? Nothing could be found on DIAB-X. Snake oil.
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"the extensive clinical test results have been arrived at by a host of physicians who oversaw the double blind placebo testing (over 100 studies at Harvard, UC Berkeley, etc.)"

I would like to see the full test, the studies and their results, not "your" summaries. Where can one view them?
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Please stop with all the excessive fluffy verbiage and pointing to other web sites.  Interhealth is known for their quality products sold to other supplement manufactures, yet you fail to produce evidence that Diab-X as a whole reduce glucoses levels.

I’ll ask again and detail what I wish to see as far as test results. I would like to see clinical test results on humans, not animals, with the following information:
1. DiabX in the heading
2. Testing date – dd/mm/yyyy
3. Where the test was conducted
4. Who conducted the test
5. Duration of test
6. Number of individuals in each test group
7. Number of individuals receiving DiabX
8. Number of individuals receiving a placebo
9. Daily Diab-X dose for each individual
10. And the diet they were on to prove Diab-X lowered their glucose levels

Make me a believer. So far you haven’t and I still consider Diab-X “Snake Oil”.

I hope this isn't to much to ask for.

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I would also like to see if individuals remained at their same weight from beginning to end of test.
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Figures, you don't have written test results to post anywhere on the net.
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Hahahahahaha. Snake oil....hahahaha Dot.Calm you're way too funny. This Diab-X stuff is just another one of those supplements without real facts. All these claims of being tested by leading medical and educational centers is just a big fat old lie. NOBODY takes the time to test without documenting exactly the facts like what you requested from this Dave dude. Proven results? More like un-proven results. Facts, dude, facts, written documented certified test proof facts.
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Just a personal observation that seems to go mostly unmentioned, is the psychological disposition of the diabetic personality.  The critical, cynical, self centered and argumentative attitude seems to go along with the diabetic condition. And no drug or supplement can cure that.

A change in attitude as well as diet can go a long way to curing this condition.  And yes chromium among other things such as cinnamon and vinegar, does help.
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Dave....you should know that when you take one of us on, you take the whole forum on, and some of us have a background in diabetes and Clinical Research.  So we know how to read studies.

You are basically quoting studies done on some of the ingredients contained in Diab-X, but no human studies done on the product itself.

Let's look at one of the claims made about Diab-X.  The website says it.....

"Reduces weight regain after weight loss in animals.".....and the study quoted as proof is titled.....

"Effect of hydroxycitrate on respiratory quotient, energy expenditure, and glucose tolerance in male rats after a period of restrictive feeding."

This study, done in Switzerland in 2004, used 24 male rats which were basically starved for 10 days then fed a high glucose diet plus hydroxycitrate (HCA) supplement for 6 DAYS.  Controls received the same diet without the HCA supplement.

During the first couple of days, the respiration quotient (RQ) and energy expenditure (EE) decreased.  The findings POSSIBLY reflected a decrease in de novo lipogenesis (fat production).  But by day 6, the respiration quotient (RQ) and energy expenditure (EE) DID NOT DIFFER between treatment groups. HCA suppressed food intake during the first couple of days, but overall, (as stated by the study results), BODY WEIGHT REGAIN WAS NOT DECREASED in the HCA group.

In other words, hydroxycitrate (HCA) DID NOT "reduce weight regain after weight loss in animals" as your website claims.  

So that makes one of your claims FALSE Dave.  As you told Dot.Calm, I strongly urge you to go back to your site and review what the study says.  

Oh yes, the study also said, "HCA MAY improve glucose tolerance".  But since an oral glucose tolerance test was only performed on day 4 or 5 of the high glucose diet, then there's really no way to compare to baseline, is there?  That means there's no way to show improvement in glucose tolerance.

Plus, you and I know that in the world of Clinical Research, a study done for 6 days on 24 RATS means absolutely nothing.

Come back and talk to us when you can show us LONG-TERM Diab-X EFFECTIVENESS STUDIES done on HUMANS.
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One more thing.....

The study says..... "An oral glucose tolerance test was performed on ad libitum day 4 or 5" (that means the test was done 4 or 5 days after starting the high glucose diet).

You know what's wrong with that?  When you conduct research, you test EVERY SUBJECT ON THE SAME DAY, otherwise you're violating protocol and the study is considered flawed.

And trying to use the data from a study that tested subjects on different dates is unethical.
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I would like to try your product . I'm a zyprexa victim and I exercise everyday and still gained weight and got diabetes type 2 . I believe that anything and everything will work if God is backing it . The only thing I have a problem with is the price . I'm on a fixed income . I've looked over the ingredients and studies . I found that the ingredients you've listed , even by themselves does help the glucose levels in diabetics . Also  cider vineagar , cinnimon ,vanadyl , magnesium , manganese will also help . I appreciate the fact that someone (you) is out there trying to help those that are suffering with type 2 diabetes by making something that could/will help instead of the doctors trying to drug us with anti-diabetic drugs which can possibly cause another problem . God Bless You and keep up the good work .You're doing this for those that have HOPE !
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I lost 20 pounds after taking DiabX for 30 days. I am prediabetic and have tried other sources of nutritional food supplements but I believe the reason DiabX worked so well is that it uses a superior chromium known as chromium as polynicotinate.I also feel the formula DiabX has put together incorporates other specific nutrients that makes it better than any product I have seen.
I've researched and verified the studies and appreciate the fact that DiabX carries several US patents, is GRAS approved and verified as a USP/NF product made in America. Many people suffer from blood sugar imbalances that can lead to excess weight and increase risk of heart disease. I think it is important we share discoveries like this. Diabetes is NOT a drug deficiency. Even the American Diabetes Association agrees that type 2 diabetes "can be reversed."
If any one has failed to prevent diabetes, they need a cure. All the drugs people are taking do NOT address the root cause of blood sugar imbalance . . DiabX is guaranteed and it works for me. Pass it on!
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The FDA has not given the Snake Oil Diab-X GRAS approval. In fact if you had searched the FDA web site for Diab-X your results would be a big fat zero. Made in America as all the ingredients are combined and put into capsules in an American factory? That's all you can claim. All the ingredients are NOT American made products so stop with bull misleading hype.

I'm still waiting on "proven test results" that in 7 months no one has been able to provide, not even your dumb behind. And you have to wonder whether the Internet Crime Complaint Center or the Federal Trade Commission at http:///www.ftc.gov are getting the evidence needed to Diab-X down.
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