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hi i am a diabetic of age of 36 yrs and taking insulin mix , also have HTN, high lipid profile like TG , VLDL. recently i am feeling chest pain but my ECG is within normal limit. can i develop IHD? AND WHAT WILL BE MY NEXT STEP TO LIVE WELL?
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How to live well, establish a better lifestyle? See the following search results.
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Chest pains - http://tinyurl.com/mvnwo, and    
Nutrition - http://tinyurl.com/msoyw8, and

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Yes, you could develop ischemic heart disease with high lipid profile and hypertension.  with high lipid profile, it builds up plaques in the arteries which could lead to constricted arteries and therefore decreased oxygen level to the heart causing angina (chest pain).  hypertension does the same thing as well as the high blood pressure cost harden of the arteries cause decreased oxygen supplies.  The next step to healthy living is to eat well, have lots of vegetables (follow the canadian food guide).  I do recommend ground flaxseed, it has omega 3 in them and high in fibre, it will help decrease triglyceride and LDL.  For your hypertension, do decrease salt intake (follow the DASH diet).  The next important thing is to exercise, take medications as prescribed, monitor blood sugar & blood pressure.  hope this helps!  
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thanks to your valuable comments
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You've already gotten good advice so I am posting more out of curiosity so will understand if you ignore ym nosiness.. :)

You mentioned insulin but not any other medications. With the information you've given, I would expect you to also be on a statin (something to lower your cholesterol) and probably aspirin. Plus, I am thinking if your triglycerides are still elevated, it may mean your blood sugars are not well controlled.  So, are you on preventive medicines and is your blood sugars under control?  If not, then this needs to be addressed because if you are having chest pain, an okay ECG doesn't mean anything. The ECG only changes if there is damage (and not on everyone - so it is just another indicator not an absolute) or if it happens to be ran when you are experiencing the chest pain (and even then can not show anything).  There are other tests that need to be done to find why you are having chest pain and these need to be done. You really need to know if you are having chest pain due to poor blood flow to the heart - admittedly, from what you have written, this is the most probably cause but doesn't have to be.

Is your doctor doing a workup still?  If not, you need to go to a cardiologist - don't let this workup stop with just a normal ECG - you are way too young to let this ride - and you need answers really soon. If it turns out to be due to heart, then medications and doing healthy living really will help. The goal for reversing pre-existing heart disease is 60/60/60 - LDL 60, HDL 60, and Triglycerides 60.  Lots of this has to do with diet, exercise, and medications... I haven't made it yet but am still trying. :)

Take care.

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.... I didn't recognize the acronym IHD so I did a Google search and got a list.  In the content I am guessing Ischemic Heart Disease but liked Intense Hurricane Days. :)  Has anyone else noticed the plethora of abbreviations these days? :)  

I kind of liked the
Acronym Definition
IHD Ischemic Heart Disease
IHD Insan Haklari Dernegi (Turkish: Human Rights Association)
IHD International Hydrological Decade
IHD Intermittent Hemodialysis
IHD Intense Hurricane Days
IHD International Help to the Disabled
IHD Index of Hydrogen Deficiency
IHD Intrahepatic Duct (bile duct within the liver)
IHD In Home Devices
IHD Institute for Health & Disability
IHD Intra Hepatic Duct(s)
IHD Implantable Hearing Device
IHD Innovative Health Diagnostics (Strasbourg, France)
IHD Integrated Handheld Device
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please note who you are addressing your answers to.  i am not the one who posted the question but rather one of the people who answered it.  Appreciated if you pay more careful attention to the question and the person who posted it.
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