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I want to ask about my father. My father have diabetes (high sugar). Yesterday, i saw that there are so many red ants on his bed . I got threatned and they create a red places under the leg fingers (poe). sir i tested his sugar lever today in the noon and it was 278 as he had taken the sugar control pills in the morning. sir please suggest me advice to do. and sir my father didn't know about that red ants. please sir reply as soon as possible and sorry for my weak english. thank you sir
my emaid id is ***@****
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BG (blood sugar) that high is not good.
What is his "pill for sugar"
the ants are probably after his sweet perspiration.
If he did not know about the ants has he lost feeling in his feet?

we do know that eating carbohydrates (carbs) raise BG.  Carbs are rice, wheat, potato, most fruits. any starch.
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