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Diabetes 2 turning into Diabetes 1

Can Diabetes 2 actually turn into Diabetes 1 if you have it long enough and your pancreas stops working...or is there no connection between Diabetes I & 2?
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T2 does not turn into a T1...  However A T2 can certainly become insulin dependent, as I have.  My pancreas no longer makes enough insulin to keep my BG numbers down So I take insulin and I have good numbers  (A1c of 6.6) because of it.
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In Type 1, the pancreas is still working. The small part of it that produces insulin gets destroyed by the immune system, but the rest is untouched.
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I do have type 2 and have had it for about 15 yrs.  I kept my Ha1c in the normal range for several yrs by exercising.  At this point, I think I am on the verge of having to take insulin.  I think my pancreas is not functioning well at all.  Can this be reversed at this point?  Or is insulin the only answer?  Metformin isn't cutting it anymore.
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Hello Linda,

Type 2 is often a progressive condition.

What is your "normal" Hba1c?  A non-diabetic HBa1c is usually in the 4 to low 5 range.

If you are  not managing to keep your sugars under control by exercise alone, you could try adopting a low carb diet (Look up Diabetes Solutions by Dr. Richard Bernstein), eliminating sugars and refined carbs, if you are not doing this already.

If the diet and exercise are not together working, then, yes it is time for insulin.  It is actually better to start insulin while your pancreas is still working (as lower doses are required to nromalise blood sugars and there is less risk of lows).

Please ask us if you want further information.

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Thanks, Sally....I guess I want to have my cake...and eat it too!  I know exercise and diet is the key.  My Ha1c used to run between 5 & 6 when under control.  Because of unrelated heart issues (afib) I haven't been exercising like I used to.  It seems harder to get in the groove again.  I was mainly wondering if everyone eventually, no matter what, ends up depending on insulin shots?
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