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Diabetes II and HCG Diet and injections

I have Diabetes II.  I am not overweight.  I don't need insulin.  Sometimes I eat too much fruit and have blood sugar of 160 three hours later.  I feel hungry a lot even when I should not be hungry. I think diabetes does this to us. I am thinking about going on the HCG diet, without the injections.  Would that benefit me, or should I use the injections too.  I would like to her from other diabetics who have used HCG diet, with and without the injections.
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It might help if you explained what the "HCG" diet is. Most Type II diabetics find they are helped in controlling their blood sugar by a combination of eliminating sugar and lowering the amount of carbs they eat. (fruit, unfortunately, is high in carbs and tends to spike the blood sugar of Type 2 diabetics). A blood sugar of 160 is too high; you should be testing at two hours and by three it should be significantly down from that. Rather than look for fad diets, it is much more useful to make these changes, add regular exercise and then test regularly two hours after meals to see how various foods affect your blood sugar to get it under 140. We are all different, and testing allows you to see what works for you.

When you say "the injections" I'm assuming you mean insulin. Some Type II's do need insulin eventually as their diabetes goes through a normal progression. You don't say how long you've been diagnosed or what your latest A1C is. The first step is to try and control your blood sugar with diet and exercise. When this no longer works, then the next consideration is oral meds. Insulin is a step beyond that. You might want also to see a diabetic educator or research on your own so you learn more about managing your diabetes.
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I am also looking to see who has type II diabetes and has used HCG and what have been the results before I decide to do it. Did you stop your medication? or did you stay on your medications? I am thinking your blood sugar would go down if you use both and that would be no good, so I am thinking of just using the HCG - drops.
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I found out about the HCG diet from a former MD at our church she was on it and 2of the pastors lost and keep off about 100 lbs.  I went on the phase 1 - 4 days ago started the phase 2 which including 2 days of "loading" fat.  In two days later my insulin which was 66 units 2X per day of Novolin 70/30 has now been reduced to 14 units @2X a day and my blood sugar was final in a normal range today after 2 days and nights of hypoglcemia.  I have lost 5 lbs. in 2 days and not hungry at all!!  let's you know what happens as I make this change from being insulent dependent, etc..
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Thanks so much for sharing your personal info.  My friend is insulin dependent and is out of control due to obesity and extreme hunger.  Should she have any concerns about starting HCG injections with her insulin?  She regulates her doses herself according to Dr. instructions.  Most physicians in our area do not know much about HCG injections, so they are hesitant to recommend the diet.  We appreciate any info. you or anyone might have.    p.s. Is there a medical website with more information for her before starting.  She is also a little hesitant due to lack of knowledge.   THanks again!  Marsha1947
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How is the weight loss and blood sugar readings going?  I am starting the HCG to help curb the food cravings and know the weight loss will help the BS numbers too.
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The first time I used the HCG injections I went from 224 to 171lbs in less than 50 days. I stayed with the guidelines exactly and it works. But I got back to bad eating habits and gained a lot of it back but only about half of it and did the HCG again and lost it back. Then I had to take steroids for a neck injury and it swelled me up like a balloon and I got back up to 206. I am now type 2 and I am down to the mid 190's. I am starting the HCG diet in a few days and I will keep you posted on my weight loss and GI levels as i go through it. I am currently taking metformin but decreased the dosage in hald because my GI is staying in the normal range. I am also taking IC-5 suppliments.
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How did the HCG diet work out for you Im a type 2 diabetic and i'm thinking about trying it out.

Thanks in advance

Big Texas
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I am not doing the HCG diet but I am taking the HCG Injections as prescribed by my physicians. I do exercise regularly and I have a better diet. I can tell you I immediately saw results from the HCG. my diabetes is completely under control now and if this continues my doctor stated that I can begin to come off of the diabetic medications. Diabetics: your endocrinologist is your best friend!
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Have you herd of LCHF diet many MANY diabetics are on that diet.  The reason diabetics get hungry is the more carbohydrates eaten the higher the BG goes, the higher the BG the hungrier you get.  eating low carb reduces BG and thus reduces hunger.  You need caleries to run your body if you dont eat carbs (whitch your body turns into BG) you need another energy source, fat.

LCHF low carb high fat.    NO injections needed

carbs = BG rise eat less carbs have less BG rise.
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Go and see you doctor if you're still getting out of control diabetes symptoms. Injections aren't that bad...I used to be diet controlled too, then I had to start oral meds, and now I am on insulin. It's bringing my b/s down great :)
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You do not necessarily need "injections". Oral medications will often do the job. You need an in-person appointment with an endochronologist or a nurse specializing in diabetes.
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