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Diabetes Symptoms? (I hope)

Hello, I am new to this thread. A couple of days ago, I posted my issue on the HIV forum since I believed I had symptoms of HIV. I believed this because of a risky encounter 5 weeks ago and the symptoms fall within the window period for HIV. However, many people on that forum say it can't be HIV since I used a condom and was thus fully protected. I hope they are right. In the meantime, I know this may sound odd but I am hoping there are other diseases (like diabetes) that could explain my symptoms.

One symptom that is somewhat unusual for early HIV is that I have started to urinate frequently. Like for the past 5 days, it is upto 7-8 times a day. It is painless, sometimes clear, sometimes yellow, most often in the afternoons and evenings. I don't get up in the middle of the night to urinate though.

I also have other symptoms like fever, sore throat, fatigue, some aches (knees, foot, back), an itchy rash (red spots mostly on chest, neck and stomach) that appeared initially but now has gone, although I still get some isolated itchy spots now and then. And most recently and worryingly some white patches on the tongue and sometimes looks withered. This is most evident in the morning when my mouth feels dry. Throughout the day however, I drink water and the tongue looks slightly better. I don't know however if the frequent urination and dry mouth are due to anxiety. I have not lost or gained weight, I do suffer hunger pangs sometimes but not after eating.

- Do these symptoms mimic those for diabetes too? For example, have any of you who have diabetes suffered tongue issues like candidaisis or other mouth infections?
- Is it so possible to urinate frequently and not suffer other diabetes effects like increases hunger or lost weight? I know that frequent urination causes dehydration which could explain the dry mouth.
- Do you know if this causes white patches or thrush on the tongue or other mouth infections?

Please help! I am actually really so hoping I have diabetes and not HIV. I don't know what else these symptoms could point to.

I know you will recommend I get tested. However, I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone. I still need to get my HIV test done too but that will take 2 more weeks to visit another town. I don't want to get tested for diabetes here either in case it reveals HIV.

Thanks so much for reading.

p.s. Maybe it is relevant to say I love eating sugary stuff like candy (but have abstained in the last week due to worry), have plenty of fillings, am slightly obese and my family has some history of diabetes.
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I'm sorry you have to worry about this. Try to get tested as soon as you can, to relieve your mind if for no other reason. Do I dare say abstain until you find out? You wouldn't want to put someone els thru what yu are going thru. Frequent urination can be a sign of diabetes. Slow healing sores, thrush, and many of your other symptoms.  Make sure you fast 12 hours before blood test to get accurate results.I was diagnosed about a year and half ago with type II diabetes, and I didn't have weight loss either. My biggest marker was slow healing mosquito bites. At 5 months they were still open, itching, and bleeding. Good luck and God Bless, and let us know the results. Will be praying for a good outcome for you.
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Thanks very much for your reassuring comments. I think I will take your advice and get tested soon, I can't take any more of this stress of not knowing. As for abstaining, I have sworn off sex for life!

One other question I do have is do they symptoms appear rather suddenly? I was just a person who used to urinate once a day or twice max, all of a sudden last week I was going 3-4 times and now around 7-8 times. Also, I don't urinate through the night. Which makes me wonder if this is anxiety triggered frequent urination.
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The symptoms can come on suddenly, but not usually. You might have just noticed them since you are looking for answers. I don't think anxiety would cause that symptom. Please post your results. Bad or good, am thinking about you. Good luck
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Have you been tested yet? Am concerned for you....
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Thanks very much for asking, it's very reassuring and good to know there are people here on this forum that support me and are concerned. I'm feeling really lonely and scared right now, this is one thing I just can't tell my family or friends.

I haven't gotten tested yet for HIV, but plan to do so in about 10 days when the test should be conclusive. If I get tested now, I still won't feel reassured until the test is conclusive. Will keep you updated when the results come in. Of course, I am making sure to be conscious about my health and other factors in case it is another disease like diabetes.

Please pray for me. Thank you.
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Hope you are feeling better. How are your symptoms progressing?. Have you had your test yet? Just wanted to bump up thread, so I didn't loose any of your replys. Get tested soon! Best Wishes for good results.
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