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Diabetes Type 2 and Prednisone

I was diagnosed with type 2 in August this year - so you can see I am a complete newbie.

I was terribly upset when my diagnosis was made -- because throughout my life I have always been a very prudent eater.  I have never been more than 5lbs overweight.

I have always stayed away from processed food, raw sugar, sugar-laden drinks etc.

So the obvious question arises ''How did I get  type 2 Diabetes?

The short answer is "through Prednisone--a steroid based medication with a boatload of SUGAR"

I also  have this condition called IDIOPATHIC ANGIOEDEMA.  I experience spontaneous swellings mostly around my face, oral cavity, tongue, and nasal tissues.

This has been going on for 5 years now -- during which time I have been hospitalized 23 times.

They can't find the cause - hence the term IDIOPATHIC.

The only medication that seens to resolve these swellings is Prednisone -- a steroid.

At the end of every swelling episode (which I treat with Prednisone) a lot  of sugar gets dumped in my blood stream.  

Now I am learning how to battle diabetes, BUT I must also take the sugar-laden Prednisone when I have a swelling episode.

Is anyone here in the same boat as I am?

I could really use some advise.

Thanks. -- Tie

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Yes. Try substituting DSMO for the prednisone. Also try tumeric powder (a small amount) in milk. As for the DSMO, it MUST be diluted, and only the medical grade used. Some people take a small amount twice a day orally well diluted. Another drug to try is MSM, which is a medicallyy approved metabolite of DSMO. Using DSMO is not approved by the medical establishment.
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Prednisone is not sugar laden.  But it does cause insulin resistance which is why it makes your blood sugar very high.

When you are taking prednisone you will need to take insulin to prevent your blood sugar going so high.

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Thanks Sally. I am not on any medication and have not been since my diagnosis.

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How are you controlling your diabetes?  and what are your BG numbers?

Its NOT just sugar that raises BG, it ALL foods in the class of Carbohydrates of which sugar is a member.
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