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I am 29 year old/m,married. 5 months before i came to know that i have type 2 diabetes. initially it was 294(rbs), now i lowered this to 131(fbs). i am taking metformin.I used to smoke 20 cigarettes/day and drink twice/week.will smoking and drinking increase blood sugar?
i am planning for baby. if i try now what is effect on my child?
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smoking is harmful for diabetics because it constricts blood vessels therefore decreasing blood flow.  Diabetes is a disease that damages the small blood vessels.      Alcohol contains sugar which will increase your blood sugars.  Diabetics have special concerns when trying to have a baby.  You need to work together with your OBGYN and Internest when you are planning to conceive.  
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I don't know if or what effects your habits would have on a fetus; susie is right that you need to talk to a doc about that.  But, a diabetic with poor blood sugar control who is also smoking is likely to have some issues with fertility (and possibly performance, too).  Higher blood sugars and smoking are known to lower sperm count and mobility.

As regards alcohol; be careful and mindful if you choose to drink...  you're diabetic and on metformin...  short-term, (meaning while drinking) alcohol can cause an unexpected drop in your blood sugar, especially combined with metformin, and then really throw off your blood sugar levels for days with ups and downs as your liver and body try to "catch up" after metabolizing the alcohol.  I can post more about that if you want...

I think the bigger issue is that you're getting ready to have a baby and to be a Dad... I can't imagine a bigger motivator to get healthier and get your blood sugars under control.  You're only 29 with the potential for a long and healthy life, hopefully as a Dad, too.  Trust me, NOW is the time to get your health and habits in order; the arrival of a baby is a huge stress and will add to the challenges of controlling and managing your diabetes.  Plus, you'll want the energy, stamina, and general good health to be able to enjoy and participate in your baby's life that only getting your health and habits under control will provide.
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Yes I want more details..Please..
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Alcohol is really tricky for diabetics.  

I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner a few times a week, and even sometimes a scotch or a beer with friends *if* my blood sugars have been under very good control and I've planned for adding alcohol into my diet.... but only if I've planned for it, because alcohol does add calories, effects blood glucose control, and even moderate use can increase my cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Let me start with this:  if you're concerned about your own use of alcohol, why not talk with your doc about it, or at least try not drinking any alcohol for at least a week and see what happens with your blood sugars, your mood, your energy... if everything improves, then you'll know that alcohol just doesn't work well with your body and you can feel better by limiting or avoiding it; if everything gets worse... that probably means you need to consult with some experts about how to improve your health and habits.

"catsrule" has also posted some questions about alcohol, and I'm going to reply with more info there, so check that out if you want.  Also, do a Google search for "diabetes and alcohol" and you'll find a lot of info (in my opinion, a lot of it isn't so great, but check out a number of sites and you will start to get a feel for the potential issues for diabetics)

Here are some starter references:


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