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Diabetes Type II

I am 25 yrs old, wt: 64 kgs, ht: 178 cms.
My sugar levels are as follows,

Before August 2012 - Not measured, doesnt have any problem

August -    Fasting: 250+, PP: 350+  (Recently Diagnosed Type II diabetes + No medicene + Uncontrolled eating (Overeating) + No exercise)

Septemeber - Fasting:106, PP:161     ( Medicine started + Controlled Eating + 30 min walking)
(Medicine: Azulix 2 mg, Pioglit MF Forte 15)

October - Fasting: 89, PP: 172   ( Medicine started + Controlled Eating + 30 min walking daily)
(Medicine: Azulix 1 mg, Pioglit MF Forte 15, Sugamet Mc 500)

Please help me to understand, How long I need to contunue with these medicine? My doctor told me Azulix will be stop soon. I am bit tired of eating these tablets. Can I have any alternative to completely stop these medicine like medication (yoga), exercise, controlled diet, strict diabetic diets etc.

Please suggest me on this. Thanks in advance.
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  This is a very simple solution, that will be hard to do.
First drop the weight, this is done by eating right and exercising.
second do not play that this is what you are doing and just do it, get on the low carb diet, stay off the sugars, I have found truvia works well for a sweetner,, salads with nuts works wonder to curb hunger, fruits and vegatables, eat all you want, stuff that is green, not just a little green, but the dark green, spinich, etc. That is what you want to eat, now the hardest thing, a least twenty minutes of exercise a day, and not the cheesy kind, get off your but and take a walk, ride a bike, play basketball, walk around your house for ten laps, go swimming, take kids for a walk, just get out and do something EVERYDAY and you can kiss those meds goodbye, and if you dont do this, they will give you more and more and soon you will be injecting insulin, and then neuropothy in your feet, then no feet, then death.  so do these things without heseitation and you will feel better, live longer, and will save alot of money on meds you dont need, although I have a lot of insulin in my fridge you can have, I dont need them anymore....Good luck my friend, it sounds easier then it is I know, but I also know it works....
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Thanks for your reply trolleater, according to BMI index I am already underwieght. Do I still need to loose wieght?
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  No, I just assumed you would be overweight as most are, I am, but I was able to control diabetes with diet, there is a book called eat to beat diabetes, and it helped me alot, got me right on track, exercise was also a big key, 2o min a day does not sound like much, but you will see, just stay religious about it. I also had some other medical issues that came up later but I will not go into that long story.  before all the other stuff came along I was able to get my a1c from 9.5 down to 5.4 so stay on track and best of luck to   you..just remember a very low carb diet is your friend, and no carbs after 5 pm
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I too control my type 2 bu diet only.  When I first launched into this new lifestyle I was faced with all of this information to digest; A1C, BG's, when to test, liver dumps, glycemic index, etc, etc, etc.  I decided to simplify it.  I cut out all the "white stuff". I shunned anything white or anything made with white stuff; no flour, pasta, sugar, rice,potatoes, bread, etc.  My weight plunged, and my blood glucose levels plunged.  In place of the carbohydrates, I replaced them with proteins, and fats.  Eggs, nuts and nuts and nuts, meats, cheeses. It's hard to believe that you can eat bacon, eggs, with melted cheese, and the weight keeps falling off. The key in the beginning is you cannot cheat!  If you cheat, the fats and proteins you're eating are stored as fat as you body goes after the readily available sugars in the the carbohydrates.  Two years after my diagnosis, I occasionally treat myself to a couple slices of pizza, or an ice cream cone.  These are rare treats.  I continue to avoid pasta and potatoes, once favorite foods, like the plague.

This is what you must do as well if you want to see significant progress in lowering your blood glucose levels.  The diet now is a lifestyle.  You pick and choose what you eat.  Did you  know that you can go to McDonald's for a filling breakfast and escape with only a handful of carbs?  Two round eggs and a sausage patty on a plate is a "hidden menu" item that they will be glad to ring up for you.  I do it every weekend.  I frequently make cauliflower "mashed potatoes" when I get the urge for the real thing.  With some sour cream and butter, they taste amazingly like the real thing but are much better for you.

Learn to adapt, and substitute carbs, and the the results are astonishing.
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Please ask your Dr. for second opinion.  Given your weight, diet and history you may be adult onset type 1 (research LADA) rather than type 2.  Treatment for this is insulin rather than oral meds, usually.

Your fasting no. are reasonable now, but your after eating is still too high.

Yes, exercise and low carb eating are very helpful in controlling blood sugars and minimising med requirements.

Hope this helps.
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