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Diabetes and Atorvastatin

I started taking atorvastatin approx 4 years ago. Two years ago i developed extreme pain in my big toe and then over 2-3 months migrated to Knee, elbow, hand. One side only at a time. Extreme pain starting late afternoon/evening and subsiding 3-4am. Gout was initial thought but ruled out by several tests of the fluid drawn from multiple joints. It just went away and i am talking Sulfasalazine daily. Now two years later i am told out of the blue i am type 2 diabetic. Never in my family history. Also thyroid gland not producing enough.  Then i was asked about Atorvastatin and these issues especially typ 2 diabetes. Its all over the internet but my doctors don't seem to know much about the possible connection. What can i be told about this and further how does one investigate and gain knowledge to make a good decision. I am still taking it and don't know what to do. I am following drs orders at this time.
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You're male?

height / weight / age / waistline?
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57 years old
5'-6"   175
very active, on my feet all day
33 waist line
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Have you lost a lot of weight in the past four years (since you started Lipitor / atorvastin)?

Have you asked your doctor about reducing or discontinuing the med and seeing how its absence impacts your blood lipid levels (chloresteral), and fasting glucose test results?

Have you read all the drug description remarks and user reviews for it at rxlist.com?
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Gained weight for the first 3 years. 165 to 195 lbs. Then since the diabetes and thyroid issues lost 20 lbs without really doing much.
Yes, stopped for a few months and lipids quickly increased. Started again and they are in a perfect level presently.
I have read all the stuff. will look specifically at rxlist.com
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What is/was your total cholesterol before taking atorvastatin?

What is it with atorvastatin.

Same with your fasting blood glucose,  before,  after.

Many people who convert to Type 2 can reverse all the symptoms of that diagnosis via very strict diet as well as significant exercise.
Those practices might lower your cholesterol enough such that you won't need the atorvastatin or at least not a high a dose.

Time for you to get very involved in the entire process.
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Very low carb, moderate protein, high healthy fats diet, can have the same "benefits" as a statin drug without any of the side effects.

Statin drugs are known to cause diabetes.  Their benefits are questionable to cardiac health (start researching), they cause muscle damage, among other problems.  Further low cholesterol is not necessarily a good thing.  You need the right proportions of the right fats in your diet, and very limited carbs.    Obviously I am very wary of statins and from I've read they should very rarely be used.  {Quite different from the massive push they are given by the drug companies - they are big money spinners}

Avoiding processed foods and eating a diet rich in non-starchy vegetables.  With diabetes you should strictly limit fruit.

Start reading and learning.  This is your life and with these conditions you are going to need to become your own expert.
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