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Diabetes diagnosis

I'm a 49 year old male, overweight but not obese and recently (June) diagnosed with diabetes after rapid weight loss, excessive thirst and urination and a blood glucose level of approximately 450 fasting and over 600 after eating about 1 1/2 month after a test at my doctor had a level of 113 and a normal (<100) previous to that.  My A1C was 12.5.  Recent tests show antipancreatic islet cell test was negative, GAD65 was 12.7, insulin of 42.5 and C-peptide of 4.7 post-prandial.  No ketone testing has been performed.

Anyway, one doctor says I am Type I and another says Type II.  Any guidance?
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You are a Type 1. Many doctors are amazingly ignorant about the difference and think everyone above a certain age is type 2. The clues to your type are the weight loss and how quickly it came on. Type 2 has a much more gradual onset and often can exist for years without symptoms. The definitive diagnosis is through the antibody. ANY antibodies are Type 1 as Type 1 is an autoimmune condition and type 2 is not. Your c-peptide is fairly low. People with type 2 have normal or very high c-peptides. The only question in my mind is whether you are a pure Type 1 or are LADA. LADA, also sometimes called Type 1.5 is Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults. It is a slower onset than regular type 1, though much faster than type 2. It often is diagnosed in older adults. What really makes it look likely to me is that the GAD65 is the antibody present in LADAs and the islet cell antibodies are usually present in regular type 1s.

Do NOT allow yourself to be treated like a type 2. You need to be on insulin. I would recommend an endo as they are the ones who are more familiar with type 1 and LADA in adults. I wonder if the doctor that said you are a type 1 is an endo and the other your PCP?
I'm sending you a PM with the name of a wonderful website with many more diabetics of Type 1, 2 and LADA. Many of us LADAs were originally misdiagnosed. I was misdiagnosed type 2 at age 58 and did ok on oral meds for a bit over a year before my numbers started to climb and I figured out my correct diagnosis with the help of the website I'm sending you. (LADAs, unlike regular type 1's have a slow enough onset we can do well on oral meds for months or even a couple years).

There is a lot to learn so hang in there, but what you first need to do is make sure you are correctly diagnosed. See an endo.
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