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Hello. I'm Alexandra and I  am 24 years old. A year ago I found out I have diabetes, actually they called it low tolerance at sugar or something like that. The highest blood sugar value I've had in this past year was 270 mg/dl. (normal 90-110 mg/dl). I was really upset when I found out. At first I was not recommanded any medicine but I had to follow a very strict diet. Unfortunatelly I lost a lot of weight( from 53 kilos to 45 kilos). My blood sugar was still high 2 hours after eating, going over 200mg/dl quite often. I tried many  " miraculose " herbal cures but NO result. I don't like to exercise to much and I gave up the diet. A couple of days ago I found a  new product. It's called DIABETICO and it's from China. It contains bitter melon and surprisingly it had  an effect. 4 to 6 hours after taking it my blood sugar is low. The first day I took it I had the surprise of having a hypo crises. Anyway... I am writing because I want to share info with you. I heard about a lot of books promissing to reveal the cure. Are they for real? Is there a slight chance to revearse my diabetes ? It would be so good but for the time beeing I've lost my hope. I hate it.
I am from Romania so please excuse any possible mistakes of writing.
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I'll attempt to clarify some things for you to get an understanding what I'm saying. The "normal 90-110 mg/dl" is no longer considered normal in this day and age, that is, in western medicine here in the USA. Normal glucose range is 60-99 mg/dl. But when you fall below 70 doctors get worried about hypoglycemia. From 100 to 125 mg/dl it's considered prediabetes. At 126 mg/dl and above preprandial (fasting glucose) you would be considered Diabetic Type II. Since you didn't provide us with your preprandial level or an A1c (HbA1c, HGBA1c) results its hard to say where you stand.

My blood sugar was still high 2 hours after eating.."
This is normal. Glucose (blood sugar) peaks 2-4 hours after a meal. However, "going over 200 mg/dl quite often" is not normal. You should aim for <180 mg/dl after meals. Better nutrition is the goal. This does not mean diet in a restrictive sense. Better nutrition means staying away form junk foods high in sugar and loaded with bad carbohydrates. There are plenty of good food choices to eat - fruits, low carbs, whole grains foods, lots of vegetables, lean meats and poultry, and fish. I believe they serve these food items at the most expensive and highly acclaimed restaurant in Romania. Use your search engine to look for diabetes nutrition and recipes.

There is NO cure for diabetes as of today. There is NO miracle cure, NO herbal cure, only false promises in order to take your hard earned money. There is control as I stated above. You couldn't pay me enough money to ingest medicine or herbs from China. Who knows what you taking, where or how it was made and what it do yo your body in the long run.

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yeah it's really interesting.but where we get that product in USA.Is it available every where?
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I don't know if you can find diabetico in the USA but maybe you can find chinese products based on bitter cucumber (melon) which is known to be vegetal insulin. It is my fifth day on diabetico and my glucose levels have improved. But this is not THE CURE. It just helps lowering the glucose levels. During this five days I haven't used my regular medicine because I did not need them any more.This morning I had 105 During the day I don't reach levels higher than 160 tops. However it does not work when you eat sugar or junk food etc. I am really happy with it but I 'll also see my doc on Friday . I'll ask about it and see what she thinks.

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Here in Philippines bitter melon is a popular folk treatment for diabetes. However, it doesn't cure and if your diabetes is already bad it won't help much.  It also doesn't replace the need for diet, exercise, and regular meds.... but then anything that helps stabilise blood sugar would be helpful.

Yes you're right, ti doesnt work if you take sugar or junk foods.
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