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Diabetes with Nausea

I am 24-years old and I've been diagnosted with Diabetes since 2004/2005.

for more then 10-days I'm experiencing some Nausea durring eating also afterword I have never experince such thing.

I'm not been able to focuse on my work while have it, I feel like I just want to lay down as soon as possible.

please let me know what do you think and if you need more info.

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I'm copying a related post answered by Dr Ramsetty from March 2008.

"Were you able to check your blood sugars during that times you felt the nausea? That is the only way to know if it is related to the blood sugar levels.

Nausea is a common side effect of some medications used for diabetes, however it is also associated with diabetes itself, and also other problems such as reflux and heart disease. If the nausea continues and does not seem to be related to either high or low blood sugars, speak to your doctor about this being a possible side effect AND start searching for other causes.
In regard to the eating, perhaps a consultation with a diabetes nutritionist will help  in getting you on the right path. It does take some willpower, but you can definitely teach yourself some healthier habits."

Its really hard to answer you question directly since your kept the following a secret:
1. Diabetes medication(s) you're taking
2. Whether you home test - prandial and postprandial
3. Your nutrition
4. Your weight
5. Any exercise
6. Last time you saw a doctor
7. Had an A1c test

Perhaps if you can fill us in with more information others can come along and post their thoughts.
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BEFORE: used to take : Avandamet [once a day]
+ Vitamins B complex. [once a day]

NOW: after seeing the doctor last week I switched to : Glucophage(metformin) 850mg  twice a day [after lunch and dinner]
+ Ferpglobin (Iron, Folic Aced, Vitamin B12, B6, zinc , copper  also twic a day [after lunch and dinner].
+ DIAMICRON MR (Gliclazide/Gliclazida 30mg) once a day [before lunch] used to take it on regular bases 4 monthes ago but the doctore order to stop. now I'm useing it again.

2- don't know what you mean with #2

3- mostly junk food, but not allways I do eat home made cook.

4- weight 92.5 kg with hight of 188 cm/ 6 ft. 1'

5- excercise  2 hours of football every week or some times every other week.

6- last week

7- A1c test:
ABN items
HCT            38.2
MCV           74.2
MCH           26.5
%LYMPH    46.8
% LUC        5.3

Please HELP!
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Dude, what's up with you?
1. + DIAMICRON MR (Gliclazide/Gliclazida 30mg) once a day [before lunch] used to take it on regular bases 4 monthes ago but the doctore order to stop. now I'm useing it again.

You're going against doctor's orders? Mixing drugs can be potentially dangerous.

"2- don't know what you mean with #2"
If you're diabetic you need to obtain a home test kit - glucose meter, test strips, and lancets - and test, test, test until you know how to control your glucose levels. Prandial means before a meal, postprandial 2-4 hours after a meal. Is there a reason your doctor did not provide with one?
Go here to learn about diabetes and how to control it

"3- mostly junk food, but not allways I do eat home made cook."
And you're wondering what's wrong with you? The above web site provides information on proper nutrition.

Your values are not A1c values. See this http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003640.htm
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