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I went and had a routine blood test done that included glucose levels. It showed 176 mg/dl and I'm shocked! Does this mean I have diabetes? I'm a marathon runner so I run and exercise a lot and live a very healthy life in general.
I never eat sweets. Also as I recall the last couple of times I have had blood work done my glucose level has been around 95. Please advise.

Thank you.
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also I had another blood test done in January where my Glucose was 87 mg/dl.
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My first question to you would be what did your doctor say about your test??

Yes, 176 would definitely be a diabetic reading. When was the test done? Was it fasting or random (later in the day, after meals). It is odd that there is such a difference since January; was that one fasting? Why did you have a blood sugar test in January and another one in March? However, if you are Type 1 it can come on quite suddenly. My strong suggestion to you would be to make an appointment to talk to your doctor, get re-tested (perhaps an A1C or OGTT) and go from there. If you are normal weight and eat healthy and are young you are more likely Type 1 which is an autoimmune disease and has little to do with lifestyle. However, more information is definitely needed. I don't really get why your doctor would give you a reading like 176 and not say anymore!
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thanks for your response. I appreciate it. I went and got the test on my "own dime". It wasn't the primary test that I was looking to get but a "throw in" along with CBC. I was not fasting when I took the test. I did see my doctor today and I got a A1C done and should get the results Monday. I was looking back at other tests that I have done the past couple of years where Glucose was included and it has never been above 90.
I'm athletic, run about 30 miles a week, do weights and never eat sweets.
Crossing my fingers....
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Good luck, let us know. If you get the news that you have diabetes -whichever Type, it will change your life but it is a manageable condition and you can continue to do the things you love. If this happens let me know and I'll refer you to some websites that have thousands of diabetics of both types who are successfully managing their conditions.
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Thanks i will. I'm getting anxious to finding out. I know there is a good possibility but I would still be surprised. If I had it am I not supposed to feel different when I eat or don't eat etc. ? Honestly I feel the best I have felt in 10 years physically and mentally. Any way, I'm hoping that the 176 glucose test was a bad reading...
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Type 1's usually have symptoms before diagnosis (thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, hunger). Type 2's sometimes do, sometimes don't. Yes, let's hope it's a mistake!
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