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I was tested for diabetes 5 months ago and my blood sugar was 120 and I didn't eat anything but it was at night am I a prediabetic?
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Answer these 2 questions:
1. You tested at a doctors office?
2. You fasted [not eating nor drinking any colored liquids] for 8-10 hours before testing?

If you answered yes to both, your 120 mg/dl indicates prediabetes.
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No to the first question I was tested at the ER but in 2009 I was tested at the this blood office and I had to fast meaning I couldn't after midnight I went at 7:00am and my results came back to my doctor and my sugar was 192 so what does that mean?
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Hmm, 7 hours fasting - midnite-7 - is right on the borderline. Normally fasting requires a period of 8-10 hours. Also, posting a glucose level from 2009 is meaningless, but a level of 192 mg/dl would suggest you were/are diabetic back then.

You should consider getting an A1c test to see where you currently stand. No fasting required and you can take it anytime of the day. The A1c is a good scope of how you managed your glucose levels over the past 2-3 months. The ideal top level range is 5% which equates to a daily glucose level of 101 mg/dl. Some doctors approve of 7% which to me is very high. [7% = 172 mg/dl].
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Where do you go to take the A1c? And  are you a diabetic?
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I told my mom about the A1c test and that I might be a prediabetic and she said "Nothing is wrong with me" what should I do?
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Diabetes often goes undiagnosed because many of its symptoms seem so harmless. Often people with type 2 diabetes have no symptoms so they appear normal to others. I don't know Florida laws but in Calif at 19 yo you can see a doctor on your own. If you cannot afford one Google search Free Health Clinics near your town/city. In the meantime you must take care of your body by maintaining normal weight, avoiding sugary and high carbohydrate foods, and do some sort of physical exercise daily.

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