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I am a 61 yr old woman. For about 2 years I have had  type 2 adult onset diabetes. Food mangement with Metformin and Glyburide. MG. usually 80- 140. Yesterday I was sick with flu like symptoms including a fever and chills. I slept off and on for 36 hrs while getting up to eat what I could. My left foot and ankle have been swelling for about 3 yrs and more so for the last yr as I now sit more at work. This morning I got up to find my left foot, ankle and lower leg with a red rash somewhat raised, and tender. My (Dr.) is an ARNP and has been for around the last 2 yrs. I have asked her about it and the off and on tenderness in my right lower back. She told me to buy compress socks and ordered a urine test. The socks I did not buy and the test was okay. I have wondered if it has something to do with my kidneys? Probably would have shown up in routine diabetes blood tests?  I am having mixed feelings about finding a Dr. that is more experienced. What do you think about my foot, leg swelling. my lower back and getting a more experienced health provider?   Thanks so much.
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the leg is big concern find an MD that will take it seriously.
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You should get a second opinion preferably from a medical doctor. Perhaps all that is needed is a compression sock but maybe there is something more serious.There are a number of reasons for a rash accompanied by swelling a doctor can diagnose and treat the underlying problem. The same applies to your low back pain as it depends on where the pain resides - left, right, middle, upper region or closer to buttocks, and so on. Good luck
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