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My Laboratory tests for glucose levels revealed as under from time to time.

Date                        Fasting                     post prandal

07/07/2004                105

04/29/2006                105

09/03/2007                119                              225      Hb A1c   7.5%    Mean blood glucose  190

                                                                              Post prandal    Urine sugar  1+

10/31/2007                100                              155      Urine sugar Fasting NIL  post prandal traces

05/23/2008                 97                               128      Urine sugar Fasting and postprandal NIL

Home testing Results

10/15/2008              111                                134

10/31/2008              103                                144

I am 65 year old man. i had IHD long back around 1977. I had very mild BP . both are under control. I take medicines to the two ailments. So far i did not have Diabetes and i have never given aqny medicine for diabetes..

I wish to know from you whether I am diabetic or  in Pre diabetic stage now and whether i should take medication for the diabetes or can i control by **** dieting and exercises.I have reduced my weight over the past 4 years from 72 kgs to 68 and now iam 65 by dieting and doing some asanas and pranayama. In addition i do walking for 4 km for the past 15 years.
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First off, congratulations on losing the excess weight and understanding how to get your health back in order. To do this at 65 yo is admirable. As far as your preprandial (fasting) glucose levels you're still considered prediabetic. Prediabetes is 100 to 125 mg/dl preprandial. Try walking 1 hour after eating when glucose levels begin to rise. I find this very helpful in reducing my glucose levels. Test before your walk to get a reference point then 45-60 minutes after when your body has calmed down.

Its been over a year since your last A1c. I would suggest you get another one soon to determine how well you've been managing your glucose. I get one every six months for two reasons; one, to keep me in check and; two, to keep my PCP happy and off my back.

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