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Diabetic Coma Survivors?

Hello all!

I'm pretty new at all of this so please bare with me...

I am trying to find at least one other person worldwide who knows what I am going through but it is proving to be very difficult...

In August 2010 my mother, who has type 2 diabetes, experienced extremely low blood sugar levels whilst sleeping. Usually she would have woken up feeling unwell and taken care of it but for whatever reason this time she did not wake up. As a result, by the time she was found, her blood sugar had been so low for so long that she now has severe brain damage. Almost 7 months on and Mum is bedridden, can not use her right hand side at all, her sight is greatly impaired, her speech has been affected to the point where she only manages odd words and if she tries to speak a sentence it comes out in what they refer to here as "lettuce talk" - basically a load of jumbled up sounds which don't mean anything, the list goes on...

We are in the UK and all of the medical staff who have been dealing with Mum so far have said they have never seen a case so severe where the patient survived so they are unable to advise us properly with what to expect.

I was wondering if there anybody out there has experience with a loved one who has brain damage as a result of low glucose? I'd love to hear from anyone who has been through something similar to help my family and I stop feeling like we are the only ones!!

I also wanted to share Mum's story to make people aware that things like this really DO happen and there is not always any warning so please don't think "it won't happen to me". My Mum is only 45, she has four children of which I am the eldest at 24 and in December 2009 she became a grandparent. Mum is now unable to see my little girl grow up and it breaks my heart, she is my best friend and I can no longer pick up the phone to talk to her when I need her. Mum will need 24 hour care for the rest of her life. If you don't already, please check your glucose readings before going to bed at night - it may just save your life!

Thanks for your time :)
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It saddened me to read about your Mum's story. Thank you for sharing. Also the heads up on bedtime testing is a good reminder for many readers.
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I am so sorry. My Mom also went into diabetic coma and was blind for a time but she get better. Blessings to your Mom and to all of you.
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Thank you for sharing your story. I am new at this and pre diabetic and getting a crash course on taking care of myself. Just bought a meter yesterday in fact so am thankful to know I need to check before going to bed.

Very sad to hear about your mum. Please let us know how she progresses.

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am diabetic i also had a few fits in my time and my and the last 5 times if it was not for my wifes cat lucky i not be here when a diabetic sleeps and as a fit the body is tryin to come out of that coma always get a medic
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i not trying to upset but as your mom had a stroke not nothin to do with been diabetic or it could be both and linked
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Mum has not had a stroke, it is entirely due to her blood sugars becoming so dangerously low for such a long period of time, (barely registered a reading on her glucose meter and it was overnight, due to the level of brain damage they estimate it was at least 3 hours at this level).

She has not had a stroke at all. I think it is really important diabetics realise what happens to your brain if your glucose levels are so low. Yes it is rare that this happens in well controlled diabetes but it still does happen and I think people should be made more aware of it.
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