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Diabetic stinging (itching)

Is stinging or itching a complication of diabetes?  I have been stinging now for 8 weeks with no stopping. My a1c is 6.4. The highest it has ever been is 7.8 last year, a very terrible stressful year. I have been a diabetic for 25 years but I always thought I had it under control. I have a new doctor and ever time I go to him with a different problem the cause is out of control diabetes. A friend sugested an allergy and I had to beg this doctor to do the test. It came back saying dog, cat hair, trees, peanuts, walnuts, (which I have ate all my life) along with soy. I have always been affected by medicine and have to change after 6 months to something different because I would have stomach problems, diaharra, body pains, nausa. I have found out that soy is used in a lot of generic medicines as a binding agent, but my doctor thinks I am crazy and that is not what is wrong with me. My old doctor just changed the medicine. This doctor says that I am not using the medicines correctly and it is my fault. I finally got an appointment with an allergist but I do not know if I am going to make it that long.  The stinging is getting worse and other things are happening.  Heart racing, skin feels like it is burning especially when it get hot, small bumps on my body (not hives, but feel like that) , feeling of doom and many more that I am scared to think about. This new doctor has me scared to go to another doctor or the hospital (er). Do you think he is right and I am just a bad diabetic?
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First of all, there is no such thing as a "bad diabetic". If your doctor is telling you that or that you are "crazy", you probably need a new doctor! You obviously have some issues going on that need diagnosis, and I doubt that just diabetes accounts for it. I don't know how long it is till your specialist appointment, but if it is awhile, you might call and ask if there are any cancellations. You need to figure out what is going on, and not let an idiot doctor make you think it is your own fault. Good luck to you.
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Thank you for your reply.  May I ask you if you think that a diabetic with an a1c of 6.4 is a high diabetic? My highest reading has been 328  with only about 20 lifetime readings of   300+ in all of my 25 years of monitoring myself. How high do you have to get before you start have problems like nerve damage?  I was on a drug call gabapenton (neutroin brand name) for fibro and my feet start to have pain like I have never experience before. Could this be my body's nerve system gone haywire. Since I have stopped my medicines my feet have recovered and the pain is gone now. But the body stinging is still there and getting worse. I have never felt this bad in my life and I have had e-coli which almost killed me and 13 operations. Iknow I have to do something to fine out what is wrong but I just do not know where to start. Thank you for letting me vent my feelings.
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No, 6.4 is a good A1C! As long as you don't have a lot of lows and highs, because an A1C is, of course, an average. Unfortunately, damage starts to happen with blood sugars over 140 for long period so staying under 140 post pranial is an important goal. You have been diabetic a long time, so if you ran over this level a lot for some of those years, you might have damage. I'm sorry I don't have any good advice about what you are experiencing. The allergist sounds like a good place to start. If you are tired all the time I would think of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, because I know that multiple allergies and fibromyalgia are common to that. But I would tell you to be persistent. Make a list of symptoms when you go to the allergist and questions. If he is not able to make a clear diagnosis and treatment ask if he feels another type specialist (a neurologist?) would be more appropriate. Don''t lt any doctor brush you off by making you think it's all in your head, or it's from being a "bad diabetic". (Can you tell that makes me angry?!)
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