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Diet for diabetes

Hi,my father has diabetes.last week his report was RBS 270 .It was tested evening time.whats the risk and what diet he need to follow? is it type 1 or type 2.what fruits can he able to eat?can he eat brown rice or wild rice?
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There is no "diabetes" diet

Many diabetics fallow the "eat to your meter diet"  (Google it)

Test before you eat test 1 hour after you eat if your BG goes up more than 40 Pts (US) (2.3 for the rest of the world) you eat too many carbohydrates.

carbohydrates raise BG ALL carbs raise BG

If he is T1 (type 1) he has to take insulin.  (some T2 take insulin too)
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Seeking a weight-loss diet for diabetics is also my goal.  However, I found your explanation a bit choppy and indecipherable.  For example, type 2's must eat carbs; it is inadvisable to cut them out of a healthful diet for diabetics.

Does anyone have a proven weight-loss diet for diabetics?
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Google "food: american diabetes association". This ADA website covers food & fitness: what you can eat, planning meals and recipes. At the bottom of the page you will find a link devoted to weight loss, plus more.
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Dont know where you got we "MUST" eat carbs.  simply aint true.  Lots of diabetics control there BG with low cab diets.  also known as a ketogenik diet.

Go to Harvard medical school and look up "essential nutrients "  essential nutrients are ALL the nutrient we need to live.  they dont list carbohydrates for a very simple reason our body make carbs we dont need to eat them.

just because you hear "we need carbs" ...   a lot,  does not make it true.
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Thank you.  This was somewhat helpful in that ADA lists foods that are recommended but does not offer a meal plan for weight loss along the lines of the Scarsdale Diet, the Mayo Clinic, etc., which diets eliminate all carbs.  Even Dr. Atkins strongly advised against staying on his diet plan long-term for the same reason:  no carbs.

I visited Weight Watchers and inquired about their plan for diabetics and was told there is an extra cost because their instructors have to take additional training.  I even went to a bookstore to purchase the WW book which was the size of a phone book!

My HMO has a nutritionist who never returned my calls; she even ignored the e-mails from the diabetes education nurse urging her to get in touch with me.

If anyone has a daily menu plan for diabetics seeking to lose weight, please let me know.

Thank you.
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"Lots of diabetics control there BG with low cab diets."  

This is my point: carbs must be included in a healthful diet.

The diabetes education nurse at my HMO told me to include 3 carbs PER MEAL each day.  I found that hard to believe so I asked the endocrinologist who confirmed that statement.

I attend monthly support group mtgs at Joslin Diabetes Ctr within Doctors Community Hosp in MD so I have more than enough literature on the subject of diabetes and healthful eating but not on weight loss.
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