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Dizzy After Eating Sweets

Is there a diabetic or pre-diabetic condition that causes dizziness when consuming large quantities of sugar, or is it probably more related to my age?

I'm 59, male,  5'10" 175lbs. I'm on Metroprolol 25mg once per day. No diabetes in my family, no other major health problems except heart arrhythmia requiring a pacemaker to manage it.

I test for diabetes every 6 months or so, including a glucose tolerance test. Tests are always negative.
I don't eat or drink a lot of sweets.  In the past year or 2, I have noticed that when I drink an occasional glass of grape or cranberry juice, I get dizzy. I asked my doc about that, and he said "well, don't drink the juice". Recently, I drank a glass of juice, and became very dizzy, so it seems to be worsening.  I used to eat a lot of sweets, and it never made me dizzy before, so it has me puzzled and concerned, because my doc is not exactly a fireball. Or should I just shut up and not drink the juice?

Many thanks,,,
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As we age our body goes through changes that we never experienced before. Foods/liquids we once consumed may no longer be tolerated by our body. In your case, your pancreas may not be able to produce insulin fast enough (just a guess) to keep up with sugar contents of those juices. If they make you dizzy do as you doc said, stop.
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Citrus juices, specially grapefruit, CRANBERRY and orange juice, interact with heart and blood pressure medications.

By inhibiting the same enzyme that metabolizes the Metroprolol, the juice raises the levels of the drug in your blood and it can cause an overdose.

Your doctor should have known that.

Page 6 talks about the interaction of medications with cranberry juice......

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Hmmmm... that would explain why cranberry juice made me a little dizzy before going on metoprolol, and a lot dizzy recently (having recently started taking metoprolol.)

Thank you!

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You're very welcome.  
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google  how to alkalize the body---too acidic----it will help----alkaline drops and green drinks--dr young's alkaline book for diabetics and non    very helpful
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Dr Young is a quack. Google Robert O. Young-he is on trial for practicing medicine w/o a license.
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