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Dizzy Diabetes and Hypertension

Hi Dr.
My Dad aged 51 years old working as chef in his own restaurant in India. Temperature in india 40 deg. 45 deg.

1 month back in nights he was feeling dizzy (Vertigo) and also started vomiting.

We went to doctor his blood pressure was 180/100. Which was alarming. Dr. gave him medicines but he still complained about dizziness.

Then I suggested dr. to check his glucose in blood it was 307 gm/dl... shocking.

Then we visited an MD. who practices for both hypertension and diabetes. He checked ECG for my dad. Which was normal. He consumes 2 tablets for diabetes and 1 for hypertension. But some times he still complains about dizziness.  

I check his diabetes 2 times a week and blood pressure daily.

Analysis :

Diabetes - (Glucose in blood)

Fasting time : 120 - 130 mg/dl

2 hours after taking meals : 207 - 230 mg/dl


124 - 134 / 89 - 100

Today in the morning 4:00 AM. My dad complained about dizziness again. When he passes urine and after some time it was less. I think salts got rid off from body after urine passing. which made better for him.

My Question is why he feels dizzy many times after consuming tablets.

Should he stop working as chef as temperature is very high in noon + standing near heat.

Or should we go to some Neuro Surgeon so that if any other problem is there in his head.
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Normal BG is under 1oo fasting and never 0ver 140
Test his BG when he is dizzy   test his BG 1 hour after eating that will tell him how high he went from the FOOD he eat

We do know that carbohydrates raise BG....  ALL carbs raise BG
rice, pasta, potato, most fruits, fruit juice all will raise BG.

what tablets is he taking?
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He takes 2 tablets Glycomet Trio 1 (Metformin HCL Sustained Release, Glimepiride & Voglibose Tablets) - 1 before taking lunch and before taking dinner.
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Metforman is good  Glimepiride not so much, Many people think that taking drugs that FORCE the pancreas to pump out more insulin only burns the pancreas up faster.

As I said carbs raise BG what does he eat.

the heat in the kitchen should not prevent him from controlling his BG.   I found control was easier and better when I went on insulin.
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