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I am 28 years old and am on the verge of being diabetic.
Everyone in my family is diabetic.
I am 5'7, 260 lbs.
I know if i lose weight and take better care of myself i can
keep from being diabetic, but i am already getting the symptoms.
Does anyone know of a web site or anyone i can talk to
about the right diet or meal plans to get my health back in tune.
I do have a membership to a gym and go every morning but
have not seen any results yet other than my weight is now at
a stable 260 instead of gaining.
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If you are already having symptoms from diabetes you are well past the point that serious damage is being done.

See a doctor ASAP. If it is in fact diabetes, time is of the essence. If it isn't, well, you can make healthy changes but not panic. If you have pre-diabetes blood sugar numbers, you haven't damaged kidneys, etc but are at great risk of diabetes.

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I do not have the high blood sugar yet, but i hate feeling so yucky all the time. It seems i am sick all the time.I need to find the right eating plan for me and a excersize regiment that i can stick too. me and my hubby just bought a house and we dont have a stove yet, not very many healthy foods out there other than salad stuff that can be ate without being cooked. my husband is heavy too, and want to lose weight but has no will power when it comes to mcdonalds. i can live without all the fastfood, but i dont getoff work till 12am and mcdonalds is the only thing open other than the grocery store, and that late at night i am so tired i dont feel like stressin over makin something for dinner even though i know your not suppose to eat right before bed. So any suggestions on how i go about workin toward a healthier me.
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How has been your  sugar level (range) lately?

Here are simple tips which may be help to you:

-No fat at all- Diabetes are power house of fat. There is an excess production of fat. Therefore, don't take any fatty food( no fast food meal, no oil, no lard, No red meat like beef, brain, pork, lamb goat). You can used cholesterol free vegetable oil or olive oil (very good)
- you can have fish esp sea ones (tuna sardine etc) they contain antioxidant that help to lower bad cholesterol and protect the heart
-Don't drink pop, soda or juice ( drink sugar free diet instead, best is water)
-Rate your plate (eat small, frequent meal than 2 heavy meal)
-have lot of fiber in your diet (whole grain cereals, bran, green salads and vegetable), there are also fiber tabletes available over the counter
-Do regular exercise at least 30 mins every day
-Drink water when You are hungry and then only take food.
-Make your plate small serving, half plate should be green vegetables, 1/4 should be carbohydrates like brown rice or pasta or mash potato), 1/4 should be protein (if vegetarian very good, otherwise best is fish or chicken without skin)
-Eat lot of green salad to fill you stomach, don't put much dressing or use low salt, low fat and low carb dressing
-dont use sugar while drinking coffee, use artificial sweatner instead
-Don't eat any process meat like hot dog, or any fast food meal
-Drink Skim milk or soya milk instead of 1 or 2% fat milk
-check you feet every day, don't soak you feet in any solution, check your shoes while wearing, dry between ur toes after washing
-Visit eye doctor every year
-BLood test (renal function test, HBA1c, Lipid profile, urine test including microalbumin)
-If you smoke- best is to quit or atleat cut down
-Don't sleep or take a nap in the afternoon especially after meal.
-think positive, do meditation

These are the basic lifestyle modification you can change to make your quality of life much better and stay healthy (not only diabetes)
Weight loss is not only decrease the demand of insulin but also decrease blood pressure.
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My last sugar level was in the low 90's.
My mom said that she thought she was told that as long as its under 100 its fine.
I dont know if that is actually factual or not.
Last time i went to the doctor because i was feelin bad, my mom told me she thought my sugar might be too high or too low.
The doctor checked my blood sugar and it was 96, he said that was a safe number and i did not test as diabetic.
He did tell me because of my families history and my weight that i could very easily become diabetic.
I have perfect vision(for now).
I dont really drink milk other than for breakfast.
I only drink diet coke and water.
I dont eat fast food and i have a soft spot for bologna, once in a while.
I dont smoke
i dont drink coffee
I dont eat alot of junk food or fast food.
I just dont know how to lose this weight.
I have tried just about everything, thanks for the advise and help.
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keep exercising - that's going to be a really good thing to get into a routine. the gym should have personal trainers.  if you can afford a session or two, try it...maybe that would give you some more ideas to add to your workout.

google "diabetic diet."  start eating like a diabetic needs to eat to control the disease.  know what i mean?  if you can follow that plan, it will help you a lot.

don't get discouraged about the weight not coming off right away.  how long have you been consistently exercising?  stay positive and pay close attention to your portions and foods! :)

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