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Fasting glucose level

I want to ask about my blood test. I had fasting glucose 98 (normal is 74-100) and hba1c 4.8. Is this what i should be worried about? Is such high level of glucose can develop organs damages?

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how do you figure 98 is high when normal is up too 100?
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Your fasting blood sugar is at high end of normal,  but your hba1c is normal. Did you ready a lot of carbs the day before the test.  

You probably don't need to worry about diabetes at this point. Focus on healthy minimally processed diet,  exercise,  maintaining normal weight.  
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Your number seem to be normal especially your A1C. This test is a picture of your blood sugar over a longer period of time. Your 4.8 indicates good long term levels. A fasting level- even though your's is good- can be affected by many things and a single high level is not indicative of anything. Your numbers are fine, dont worry.
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Your A1C is excellent.  Don't worry about 1 fasting glucose test.
Even it's not bad.  Anything under a 100 is fine.  Of course lower, is better but your's could have been 98 for a lot of reasons.
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