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Father has Diabetes and only 7% Kidney Function..

My father has had diabetes for a very long time (decades). He's now 66 years old, and has 7% Kidney function. He goes to all his doctor's appointments, takes a whole mess of meds, and occasionally works out (when forced..). Despite all this, I know he'll eventually need a kidney transplant, and being his only child I may be a match for that. However, my sisters (we have different fathers) insist that he will just go through the kidney too quickly, and that there's no point. I hate hearing that, because this is my father, and not some family dog we're thinking of putting down.
My question is.. Although I will do a kidney replacement regardless (if I am a match), will a person with diabetes really go through a new kidney that quickly? And how long can a new kidney give him?

Should also mention that he will be receiving dialysis soon.
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I think it depends on how well controlled he is (his BG) as to how long the new kidney will live
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The problem is that he seems to have other conditions aside from the kidney problem.  He may not be a good candidate for surgery even if you are a match.

Most critical for your father now is to preserve the condition of his kidney.  Even 7% is better than nothing.  So he should have excellent blood sugar control.  This means keeping his blood sugars in the range of 80 - 140 most of the time.  To do this he needs diet (low carb and portion controlled), exercise, and good use of meds.

I personally beleive that you should think long and hard if you do want to donate.  Given you are his son, you may also be at risk for diabetes in the future and may need both of your own kidneys.  Maybe you can work with him on his lifestyle (and also looking after yourself at the same time).
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