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GBS and diabetes

In 2005 I was hospitalized with GBS and have made a great recovery. Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. During a physical in January my doctor said he was a little concerned because my sugar reading after a 12 hour fast was 125.  In march(three weeks ago) my new lab work showed my sugar at 350. He stated that something happened to my pancreas to make the numbers increase like that. His feeling was type 1 diabetes. New lab work showed that my pancreas is working but not keeping up, so he said it's type 2 diabetes. In feburary I had a bad flu and was wondering if my immune system might have been attacking my pancreas due to my previous GBS. I am on insulin and have to take 58 units of slow release and 8 units of quick acting to keep my levels at 100-120. Is it possible that I have type 1 which is common with auto-immune problems..my doctor does not seem to have a lot of answers.
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What do you mean by GBS?
1. Guillain-Barre Syndrome?
2. Gastric Bypass Surgery?
3. Group B Streptoccocus?
4. Good, Bad & Strange?

"Is it possible that I have type 1 which is common with auto-immune problems..my doctor does not seem to have a lot of answers"

Without the ability to review all your test results, your medical records, the answer could be yes or no. Only further testing can help answer your question. Also, do not rule out LADA [Latent Autoimmune Disease in Adults], something an Endocrinologist can look for as most general practitioners cannot treat someone in your case, it is above their training and medical expertise. An Endocrinologist is a doctor who specializes with the endocrine system & knows how to treat their malfunctions - diabetes, pancreas, thyroid. Ask your PCP for a referral.  

A malfunctioning thyroid also can disrupt insulin production in the pancreas. Testing your thyroid and further testing of insulin and C-Peptide [helps to distinguish between type 1 and type 2 diabetes] produced by your pancreas will narrow down if not identify the reason behind your elevated levels.
Good luck.
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