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GTT with Insulin Response Results and Interactions with Adrenal Hormones


I have recently had a GTT with Insulin Response and I am trying to figure out what is going on. Here are the results:

Fasting: Glucose 90; Insulin 3.8
1-Hour: Glucose 135; Insulin 19.4
2-Hour: Glucose 90; Insulin 27.4
3-Hour: Glucose 45; Insulin 2.7

The 3-Hour was flagged as hypoglycemic and the pattern seems to be consistent with reactive hypoglycemia. Although insulin levels were never extraordinarily high, the increase between the 2nd and 3rd hours seems to be abnormal and indicative of delayed insulin response, a pattern associated with insulin resistance.

Several years ago I had elevated cortisol throughout the day. Last year, is was below range for most of the day. It seems to have flip flopped, while DHEA has stayed consistently borderline high (but still in range) and testosterone is elevated. I am wondering if I have had insulin resistance developing for a few years, but the constant stress of the problem caused cortisol to stop being produced as much, either because of exhaustion or as a protective mechanism against hyperglycemia and elevated insulin. If this is the case, is it possible that these hormone imbalances are "masking" more overt insulin resistance problems? If so, could insulin resistance be the key behind why my hormones are so imbalanced?  
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It is without a doubt that insulin resistance contributes to hormonal imbalances.
I also had a GTT with reactive hypoglycemia result, which incidentally at the time I was very sick, and displaying many symptoms of insulin resistance such as fatigue- insomnia, hormone imbalances such as acne, PMS, stress, sugar addiction - low blood sugars, I was a mess!!
What I am about to tell you, may make you think I am talking rubbish, or it may seem far fetched, but I couldn't understand why I was feeling like crap for so long, my mood swings were atrocious! I was desperate to find answers to my poor health. And I researched and researched and asked so many Dr's, nurses, allied health and dietitians many questions and even joined a Hypoglycemia support group, and I found out that diet alone helped me through my darkest hours...I am not joking. I sincerely believe that TYPE 2 can be almost eradicated and also insulin resistance /hypoglycemia too, all these can pretty much be non existent, just from changing our diet... Eating excess sugar and carbs is our downfall, these insidious ingredients make us so sick, it is slowly killing us - strokes, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity just to name a few....
I work in a hospital and they give T1 & T2 diabetics carbs for breakfast, which is the worst thing to do, they should have eggs/bacon/porridge....not toast, jam, orange juice, sugar laden cereals....and this is a hospital where we should be getting the 'right' nutritional food for recovery?  
dietdoctor.com is a good place to start, all I can suggest is that you must research, there is no reason for you or anyone else to have insulin resistance, this is a lifestyle infliction...I am living proof this can be turned around for your own better health...good day and good luck.
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