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Gastric Bypass

Is it possible to have a gastric bypass if you are typer II diabetic?  I would like to have one but I am not quite sure about the risks.
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Of course u can, and risks are something the clinic can help u with. I have heard alot of diabetes arn't diabetic after having this surgery, and it can cut the risk down to 0, so call one of the clinic and get a consult and get your questions answered... best wishes
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I was Type II, but required long-term insulin shots in the AM, and short term fas-acting insulin shots with each meal....so in effect, they started classifying me as a Type II with type 1 insulin requirements.

Had the Gastric Bypass surgery13 months ago.  I was 424 pounds at my worst point, 384 pounds on the day of my surgery, and am now 190 pounds when dripping wet!!!  

Was originally on 16 precription drugs from 4 Specialists and my Primary Doctor.  Currently on a Fentanyl Patch (50 microgram) , and very recent;y was added PreQuip to cancel out the new Restless Leg Syndrome that developed after the surgery,,,,

Note:  I am no longer Diabetic...my sugar levels now average 86, and that is before eating, and 2 hours after eating.  It is perfect for a non-diabetic person.  In fact, the highest number I have recorded was 117 approximately 30 minutes after eating.  I also have normal blood pressure (114/80), have normal cholesterol (138) now!

I won't lie to you...It is alot of work and the surgery IS NOT a quick-fix.  You must committ to your new lifestyle, and new eating habits. And you must exercise....  That is crucial for you to lose the weight and maintain your sanity!  I now walk 4-10 miles each time I go and I ride my bicycle a minimum of 12 miles and have gone up to 18 miles per ride...

Because of the surgery, I can do anything!!!!  
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Yes, you can. However, the surgery does have major risks, including malabsorption & possible vitamin deficiencies down the road.

Have you tried low carb diet (as in really low - see the book Diabetes Solutions by Dr Richard Bernstein?) and really committed to it for at least 6 months.

Please do exhaust lifestyle measures before gastric bypass, which as the paster above said is not an easy or quick fix.

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How would your diabetes be if you eat the way you do now, without the surgery?

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The data Ive read,  46% of the people that have the surgery end up gaining back the weight and being diabetic again in 5 years.
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