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Glucose serum level 103

Hi. Iam 64 years old, and had a heart attack 4 years ago. My grandparents had diabetes. I had recent dizzyness (usually at night), and went to my cardiologist about it, nad he took me off one of my blood pressue meds. Dizzyness seems better. They gave me a blood test, and my Glucose Serum came in at 103. It had been 87 about 3 months ago. This latest bloodtest was given to me about an hour after I had a glass of orange juice, and an english muffin with peanut butter. I believe that I had also not fasted before the blood test 3 months ago. I did not know I was having blood work , that's why I had not fasted. Do you think I should have another blood test after fasting ? I'm not sure how much of a difference the juice/muffin could make. I will also ask my GP.

Appreciate our input. Thanks.

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If you're concerned about your glucose level you can purchase a home test meter. Top rated is Johnson & Johnson's Ultra Mini. And, yes, instructions are included on how to use the meter.
Click on the link below then click on Buy to find a store. Approx cost is $20.00 US. http://tinyurl.com/2o55cq
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I understand your concern Ocalarich regarding your glucose.  Mine was always in the 80's in past yr.  This yr it was at 101 & I did fast prior to the bloodwork.  I am not obese,no where near, but do love chocolate so that could be a big problem for me that I have to tackle.  My problem also is that I gave up smoking 8 days ago, and turn more to my chocolate since that time I guess trying to make up for not smoking.
WaveRider, Thanks for the info regarding the test meter.  Type 2 is in my family & do you as a person know if 101 is a figure I need to be concerned with?
Any help would be appreciated.
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Ocalarich - If you have time to wait, 6-8 weeks, J&J has a free offer for the Ultra Mini. http://ultraminionetouch.com/ . The Web site, however, runs through servers located in Sweden, Malasia, Turkey, Iran, Jordan, BVI, Iraq, and the USA. There is a questionaire to fill out that asks for your name, birth date, and email address.  To avoid Spam and phishing use an alias name along with a free email address using the alias name. The latter can be obtained by searching under Yahoo mail or Google mail.

Jody - Once you reach 110 you will be considered pre-diabetic so take it easy on the sweets. Good luck on the stop puffing. Its hard but you can do it. By the way, 101 is excellent.
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Actually, pre-diabetes is a blood sugar >100.

"Normal blood sugar levels are less than 100 mg/dl.
Pre-diabetes blood sugar levels are between 100 mg/dl and 126 mg/dl. and
Diabetes blood sugar levels are 126 mg/dl and above."

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I stand corrected. Thanks.
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Thanks for the imput from both of you.  I was told that 100 was considered high in today's world & I know I have to somehow stop eating the sugar.  I don't want to die  as my brother did so I just have to come up with a way to stop the sugar in replacement of the nicotine.  I have been walking with weights for a couple miles a day & starting buying things like fresh peaches & things of that nature to try not to buy cookies & ice cream. I am of normal weight but I know that has nothing to do with the whole thing.
But thank you both for your help.
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