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i am type 2 diabetic and have been for 11 yrs. i have kept blood sugar readings within range until recently.  i continue to watch my carb intake, but my blood sugar readings are higher than normal.  my A1c was 7.9 so i have been paying a lot more attention to intake.  within the past few days i have barely consumed any carbs and after eating (for the day) 1 small biscuit, 1 egg, 1 sausage patty breakfast, i hamburger patty (no bread) and tossed salad for lunch and a cup of chicken noodle soup (no crackers) for supper, the next morning 9-10 hours later, blood sugar reading was 174.  seems like whether i eat carbs or very low carbs the readings continue to be high.  i take oral medication twice a day (glyburdine/mets 5/500 tabs.  i also walk outdoors 2 miles a day weather permitting.  What's going on with me.
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Unfortunately, Type 2 diabetes does progress. You are doing everything you possibly can and your numbers are now rising too high so it is time to see your doctor or an endo and make some changes. Sometimes a simple change or addition of an oral medication may help, but it is also quite possible you now need insulin. Type 2 is a condition of insulin resistance, but over time the beta cells do stop producing sufficient insulin and exogenous insulin is required. This does not mean you have failed! It sounds like you have done very well for 11 years on watching your blood sugar. Insulin use will allow you to manage your blood sugars and eat with a bit more flexibility. It is an adjustment and I suggest the book Using Insulin by John Walsh if your doctor does indeed prescribe insulin.
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