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Hard control of blood sugar - 8-year diabetes type 2

My mother is 57 years old. She was found diabetes type 2 in 2010.

In 2010: Blood sugar is 7.3 mmol/L before meal and 9.8 mmol/L after meal. The doctor didn't give any medicine or treatment, just give advice to control sugar input and do some sport.

In 2012: Blood sugar is 8.9 mmol/L before meal and 10.0 mmol/L after meal. The doctor gave Metformin and three pills a day. But it was not that helpful...Blood sugar is always 8.3 mmol/L before meal and 9.5 mmol/L after meal.

In 2015: Still use Metformin. But blood sugar is 11.8 mmol/L before meal and 13.0 mmol/L after meal. The doctor thinks it is too high and gave Recombinant Insulin Glargine Injection and my mother does 15 unit injection every night. But blood sugar is still like 7.3~8.3 mmol/L before meal and 9-10 mmol/L after meal.

Is this often to see among diabetes type 2 patients?
Can some one give me any advice about how to improve my mother's condition?

Sincerely thanks.
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hello, your mother‘s blood sugar is too high, and it seems her doctor is not agressive in managing it.

Is your mother following a low carb diet? Low carb diet can.helo reduce insulin requirements. Other than this, her insulin doses may need to be increased.
Thanks. She is keeping very stricked low Carb diet. But her blood sugar is still going up. Maybe she needs more insulin? But I am worried that she can touch insulin upper limitation quickly...
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Hi. there is no upper limit to how much insulin. The correct amount is whatever it takes to control her blood sugar. suggest she has to increase insulin dose. is she on basal-bolus, or mixed insulin. Basal-bolus gives more,flexible control.

glad to hear she is using low carb as part of management.

has she been tested in case she is type 1 diabetes? This can happen even in adults.
Thanks for your suggestion. I will bring my mother to go to hospital. I will also ask her to do Type 1 test. I will come back to this Question when I have the result! Sincerely thanks for your help.
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