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Has anyone gone from type 2 diabetic to prediabetic or normalized?

I went in for a physical 3 weeks and found out that my A1C was 10.7! They immediately put me on metformin and I have changed my diet. I use to be a heavy drinker (like 5-10 a day) and ate very horribly. It has been about 3 weeks and I have cutout all alcohol, sugar, and white bread. I started exercising everyday and have felt so much better. I recently just tested my blood glucose levels and I'm averaging 120-130. When I first measured my blood glucose it was near 300. Has anyone been able to get of medication and how long did it take? Thanks for any advice anyone has to offer. I cannot get in to see a specialist for another month.
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I was diagnosed in January with Type 2 diabetes. My A1c was a 6.7. I immediately began to experiment with different diets until I found Low Carb High Fat. I eat less than 30 carbs a day and fill up on meat, fish, chicken, olive oil, butter, cheese, bacon, avocado and nut butters amongst other things. In March my A1C had gone down to a 5.4 and I have lost fifty pounds. My weight is normal now and so is my body mass. I wasn't placed on meds and hopefully can continue to control it with diet and exercise. Even though you're on medication you can make changes and eventually be taken off of them. It's definitely possible! Just takes discipline and a lot of trial and error. My blood glucose meter is my best friend it tells me what I can and can't handle. I test fasting, before meals and one/two hours after every meal.
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You can manage your sugars well enough to no longer need medical intervention (called diet managed), but the underlying condition will always be there. It is dangerous to think it can be cured because then you get lax on management and end up falling off plan. Good luck. I was just diagnosed Tuesday with an A1c of 8.6. Gonna need all my knowledge as an RN to do this.
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Cindy is correct  you can control it, diabetes will always be waiting for you to fall off your control.
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Check out Dr. Jason Fung. His science makes sense and I have seen the reversal of diabetes with an over haul of diet and exercise.
I read his book, briefly, put to use what he suggested,  but it only made my sugar levels go up even higher.  Wish it had worked.
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I "appear" to have reversed a NEW type 2 diabetes diagnosis.  No guarantees, of course.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes fall of 2015.  I had been prediabetic for several years.

I did a couple of things over the next six months.  I went hard core paleo for two months.  I got back to exercising regularly (I had stopped due to an injury).  And what I think was MOST important, I supplemented with magnesium after finding that my levels were rock bottom in blood serum (which means also low in tissues).

After a year of normal blood sugar levels, despite falling off the healthy eating bandwagon and also having lack of mobility due to a second surgery, my gp has removed the diagnosis.  I have continued to supplement with magnesium and my blood levels are now low normal.

I believe the magnesium was the most important step.  Do a search for magnesium and type 2 diabetes; it seems to play a significant role.
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where do you get magnesium? and what kind?? Tell me more.
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Type 2 diabetes may be able to be put into remission with appropriate lifestyle choices, particularly low carb / keto, and exercise.  Metformin is a very useful drug.

Please know that totally normal blood sugars are typically in the 70 - 90 range.  This should be your ultimate goal (or as close as you can get).

Please keep taking the metformin along with the lifestyle changes.  

I believe that reversing insulin resistance (diet, exercise, metformin) is critical for preventing diabetes progression and complications.   However, if you do all these things and blood sugars are still higher than normal (and I am a purist, believing that normal blood sugars are our targets), then medications do have a role to play.

It is known that diabetes complications proceed progressively as A1c rises above 5.0.

Therefore, my personal goal is a1c of 5.0 or less.  My latest a1c is 4.6, which I am very happy with.  I don't have low blood sugars, even though I use insulin.  I  do pay close attention to diet and monitor blood sugars as well.
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Although it is still controversial in some communities, go to 2ketodudes ******* and listen to their podcasts. They also notate the science behind this way of eating. They both were very sick. One was almost to the point of losing a toe. Both of them have normal A1C scores after just several months and have lost weight, and no longer on meds. I have lost 90+ lbs on the past year and a half and am no longer pre-diabetic. A1C dropped from 5.7 to 4.9. Blood pressure went from 135/85 to 112/65 within 3 months. Just listen and read and then decide for yourself.
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I was diagnosed in Feb 2016 with and A1c of 14.7. I have changed my diet and am still tweaking it as well as taking Toujeo once per day and exercising regularly. On 2/16/2017 my A1c was shown to be 8.6. On 6/13/2017 my A1c is shown at 7.0. It is my goal to control my diabetes. And enjoy life without having to take meds.
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I was recently diagnosed with Type 2. My A1C was 12.7 and my fasting BG was 315.  When I went to my doctor he prescribed me metformin w/linagliptin and Glipuride.  He told me that he wanted to rapidly reduce my BG and get it under 200 before I saw the endocrinologist.  When I went home after the doctors appointment my wife and I were terrified.  The day after I got my blood work I started a strict paleo style life style change.  No carbs(except from veggies) and NO sugars and exercising everyday.  When I got home from the doctor I checked my BG and it was only 178.  So after talking to my wife and her sister who is into natural medicine, I decided not to take the medication.  After a few days my BG was down to normal ranges and have stayed that way for almost a month now.  I contacted my doctor a few days later and gave him my numbers and he told me not to take he medication because I was reducing my BG through my diet and exercise.  I than went to see my endocrinologist and she was shocked (in a good way) at my low numbers.  Please look into Dr. Axe, he has really good information on how to reverse type 2 diabetes.  I'm not saying that some people don't need the medication but it can be done without it and I'm proof, even though it is early on in my diagnosis.  
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Diet & exercise is vital to managing diabetes. Lax on exercise & your numbers will show it. But if you aren't regularly exercise causing you must watch your portion & carbs. 1 oz meat breakfast, 2oz lunch, 3 oz dinner & don't eat late. Get enough sleep & water. I use Canadian bacon to stay with my range of meat portions. Eat egg whites for breakfast every day & low carb wraps (Tomaro low carb wraps, or Siete coconut flour or almond flor wraps). I just bought a tortilla press & am going to try to make my own with almond flour & just found a low carb pancake recipe on facebook that I'm going to try- made with almond or coconut flour.
I also bought veal scallopini which is thin & light. Next grocery trip will look for chicken cutlets or pre-cut my chicken breasts before freezing so I wcan take out the right portion for meals.
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Some people have been known to control diabetes 2 with diet and exercise, but you need to get your A1c rechecked.
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Yes, bariatric surgery caused my type II diabetes to be controlled with diet alone.
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