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I had a question..my mom and my sister both have diabetes. I have had test but have never been told I have it. Earlier I went over to my mom's and she was checking her's with those little test strips so I decided to test mine too. It came out to 131...I know normal is below 120...I had just eaten some jelly beans (30 grams of sugar). Do you think these results would be of concern or was it the candy that made it a little higher than usual?
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Your reading was not abnormal considering you had just eaten sweets. If diabetes runs in your family be careful about gaining weight. It runs in my husband's. When he stopped smoking cold turkey he gained 30 pounds and shortly thereafter developed type II diabetes.
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BS's are test before eating or 1-2 hours after eating for accurate results.  Since there is such a close family history it is good you keep an eye on it but you might want to do fasting (1st thing in am before eating or as mentioned above).
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