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How do you know if you have Diabetes?


So, for the past month weeks I've had a constant ache in my right foot, sometimes in my left. It's kind of like a heavy feeling, sometimes I get pins and needles, sometimes there's a stabbing feeling but there's no pain. I went to the doctor and she did my blood pressure and said nothing about it and checked the pulse in my right foot and said that it was good. She said that it was nerve entrapment but that didn't make sense to me as the pain was in both feet, but I am not a doctor so I don't know if it's possible to get nerve entrapment in both feet. The pain went away for a week so I cancelled my doctors appointment (now regretting this massively) and went on with my life, only for it to reappear a few days ago.

I've down the awful thing of googling it and peripheral neuropathy is coming up and the word diabetes is mentioned a lot of the time. I'm only 18, and only my grandfather has diabetes and even then, he's step so it's not blood. I'm not the skinniest but I am in the process of loosing weight - I am around 12 stone the last time I checked.

Is there a chance it could be diabetes or peripheral neuropathy?

Symptoms include; aching, heavy feeling, sometimes a burning pain but not often, stabbing pain but with no feeling - almost like a pulse if that makes any sense.

It should also be noted that both my mum and sister suffer from restless leg syndrome so I thought it could be that but RLS only occurs at night - at least that's what I think.

Any information or advice would be appreciated. I'm going to ring the doctors on Monday morning and they will probably hate me but I can't keep panicking like this.

Thank you in advance.
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Peripheral neuropathy IS a nerve issue. Even people without diabetes gets it.   Diabetes is something they can check for with blood work.  Finding out why you have the tingles, numbness, etc. and other things in your feet is important but I am doubtful it has anything to do with diabetes at this point.  A neurologist is the type of doctor that works with the nervous system.  So, get blood work to rule out an issue with diabetes and then go from there.  Let us know what your doctor says.
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Went to the doctors today and she was quite stumped, didn’t really know what was up with me but I am awful at vocalising my symptoms. I went to the out of hours doctors again the other day and she tested me for diabetes then, luckily I don’t have it but the my actual doctor is going to do some blood tests tomorrow and double check (even though she’s sure I haven’t) and run some other tests. If nothing comes up, I’m just going to have to see if the symptoms deceease and if they don’t then they will take it further. I feel like they should be taking it further anyway, even if the blood tests do come back clear. Thank you for your advice - I’ll continue to keep you updated.
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