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How to Get Type II under control

My sugar is not under control.  My main problem is in the evening.  I have a lot of stress and when I come home from work my body says "what can I eat" and it goes from there.  Sometimes I can control it and others not.  Any suggestions will help.  My Sugar is 200 or so in the mornings taking 46 units of insulin in the evening.  I am pretty sedentary but have been trying water aerobics once a week.  Any help would be appreciated.  I am married and have a hubby who is a hoarder so that doesn't help either.
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Your blood sugar is definitely not under control. You say your blood sugar is 200 in the morning. That is very high for fasting. You don't say what your numbers are two hours after meals. If those are high and all you are on is a basal (long-acting) insulin then it sounds as if you also need to be on a bolus or fast-acting insulin before each meal dose determined by an Insulin:Carb ratio. That is the standard of care and if your doctor doesn't understand that (many don't) you should see an endo. When you get on the right basal-bolus doses, you will see those numbers come down. But if you are eating a lot of carbs, you will be fighting a losing battle. The more you reduce your carbs and the more you exercise, the easier it will be to manage your diabetes. Also, if you are overweight, losing the weight will help tremendously.

As for the food, I would suggest planning healthy (and tasty!) low carb meals and shopping for them. Perhaps you can ask your husband to support you in this for the sake of your health and if he wants to eat junk he can do it outside the house.
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I take humalog 75-25 now in the morning and before dinner.  I believe I need to cut back on my carbs sort of like the fiber diet (can't think of the name of it)  I have some issues 2 herniated disks in my neck and I broke my foot (which stills hurts when walking too far) so exercising is a bit hard but I am trying to do water aerobics 3 nights a week which is hard to do and then I am going to try stationary bike.  I am overweight by about 70 pounds.  I had it all off and gained it back.  I thank you for your help and if there is anything else you can add, please feel free.  I appreciate your help.
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Insulin mixes are an out of date form of treatment. The standard is a basal insulin such as Lantus or Levemir and a bolus such as Novolog, Humalog or Apidra. You might want to work with an endo. Sounds like your other problems are complicating your diabetes, hang in there!
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