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I am diabetic type 2 and I know that puts me at risk


I am 20 and in urgent need of amswers. I’ve had chest pains for months now. The initial diagnoses was Gerd. I’ve had an echocardiogram and 3 ekg’s. I’ve also had blood test due to several emergency room visits. I’ve seen a cardiologist, neurologist, rheumatologist, and I’m seeing my primary soon. What makes me most nervous is that my chest pain can be accompanied by arm pain which never really goes away. I’m in college and this is taking such a toll. Also the fact that I’m diabetic type 2 and overweight (but losing on a healthy diet) scares me because my heart is at a higher risk on issues. Here are a list of symptoms:

Digestive issues
-Lower stomach pain
-loud lower stomach noises
Sore arms
-left forearm
Chest pain inner side and under left breast
Tension Headaches
Leg Muscle twitches
A lot of burping and gas
Armpit pain
Shoulder pain
Upper back and chest pain
Frequent bowel movement
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Do you have the result of the EKGs? Can you tell the result of the EKG? Cause if you have heart attack, the EKGs should be abnormal.

It is very unlikely that you have a heart disease due to diabetes cause you are very young to have a heart disease. Furthermore, if you have chest pain for months now, I can definitely tell that is not a heart attack.

People with uncontrolled diabetes tend to have heart problems around their 40s at the earliest.
My cardiologist said that he examined the echocardiogram and ekg and they were both perfect and healthy
It’s jusy scary to keep having this chest and arm pain. What should be my next steps ?
Hello there,

With both echo and EKG are fine, this means you don't have any kind of heart disease.

The possible causes are musculoskeletal problem ( muscle and bone) and gastrointestinal problem such as GERD. If it is GERD, you should have more discomfort when you are lying down or after eating. Do you have any of these?

I know what you experience is scary for you and tough. However, I can definitely tell you it is not a heart disease or a life threatening condition friend. First thing is for you to relax. Hopefully your primary care physician can provide more insight for you.

Finally, if you are diabetic, you should maintain good diet and exercise regularly. You may not need to take diabetic drugs if you do both of these and they are free as well.

I'm surprised to hear you have diabetes type at age 20. May I know your height and weight?


I am 5’ 11” and currently 280 which is a huge improvement since April 2017.diabetes type 2 runs in my family and me being overweight young made it easier for me to get I guess
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