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I am taking glucophaage white pills 500 mg every day since 2005.

Advice wanted on I am taking glucophaage white pills 500 mg every day since 2005. In 2009 i upped dose to 4 pills a day so total of 2000 mg a day. My blood sugar is still high. I am getting ready to switch to injecetions with a pen. I want to know how does the switchover work? Just stop taking the pills on day and the next day start injection with a pen? And does one injection from a pen = 500 mg? or how does one calculate the dosage? I am a newbie at this and a bit anxjous about switching over. Any advice helpful thanks for this 70  year old Yankee living retired life in Taiwan since 1991
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Hi danny- I just read your post about your MI and stenting in 2011. I checked and am happy to see that you are indeed still alive.

I had 5 stents put in my LAD artery in March. The doctor was way too enthusiastic.. I worry and worry about them, got chest pain occasionally, and its driving me nuts. Reading your post hit a chord- its nice to know there are others suffering under similar circumstances..

Just wanted to say hello.
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Glucophage is a brand name for Metformin,  Most people continue with the Met pills and add the insulin injection.
Met and insulin injections are different drugs and work on different ways to reduce BG.  Met helps reduce insulin resistance and insulin, well is insulin.
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