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I hate meds ???? Wanting to know if I should go on or not

Okay I can go good for awhile of my numbers being 7-10 and then if my back goes out laided up few weeks then takes me months to get back to where I was ...my numbers use to be really high I mean above 20 all the time ...it's been 4 years I'm hardly ever over 16 ....unless I really have a bad day less sleep ...eating the wrong things bla ....normal numbers for me right now are between 11-14 ....after eating with no excerse....with excessive it's between 9-13 depends on what I ate .......my numbers befor my back injury after I worked them down was 7-10 like all time ....since back I'm busting my *** biking walking swimming to bring my numbers  down again .....my friends keep telling me just go on meds ......but my family supports me no meds ..I don't even take Tylon.....I get hurt I use almonds and ice I don't like meds I have had allergic reactions to everything I have taken from so I just don't bother :( .......did research and ya brought people's numbers down but most them with few years alot of side effects and loosing limbs .....my other family member has no meds and no issues with anything but abit of the eyes .....and there number bounce around from 6-13....and her doc told her she doesn't need meds unless she wants them .....she said no and her numbers are still same I'm not sure take meds or stay watch food intake and excess.......I know u guys aren't docs but I would like a weight in .....I'm also 40 and mother of 6 and 2 grand kids use to weigh 270 ....imm at 205 .....and when first found out numbers over 20 really high like my doc and hubby said they don't know how I was alive ....weighting 290 then ....4 years ago ....to the last year loosing over 30 pounds ....and ND like I said numbers goo allover .....from 9-15 both morring and after eating .....comment to plz
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Your doing great lowering your numbers.  However I have to take exception with your assertion that its meds that cause the loss of limbs.  Its prolonged high BG that causes the complications.  most people wait too long to go on meds, by that time the damage is done and thier already on there way to losing limbs.

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Most important to staying healthy is controlling blood sugar.

This would be through a combination of low carb eating, exercise, and meds, if required.

Normal blood sugars are in the range of 70 - 120 all the time (3.8 - 6.6).  It would be best if you can target this, or as close to this as possible. This would be the way to prevent complications.
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