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I have a Red or Purple Line under my toe


I am very scared and dont know what to do. a year ago I cut my selt on the lower part of my little toe and all though it has healed some what, I can still feel it sometimes. It causes very little discomfort, I am a however worried about a purple/red line under my toe where the foot meets the toe where I cut my self. I am 27 Years Old and I have feared about Type 2 Diabetes my entire adult life and now I fear of having Diabetic Foot where I can loose my toe and mybe my entire Left Foot or Leg. It some times feels itchy too. I have also had Symptoms of Peripheral Nueropathy where I feel moderate burining, Tingling and some Numbness. I have also have symptom of Automatic Nueropathy where I have had reduced sweating for several months. I dont have Diabetic Symptoms like Exxessive Hunger, Extreme Thirst, Blurred Vision, Fatigue or that stuff, I do have a bit of Exessive Urination and maybee Poor Wound Healing.

I have some questions

Can a Red or Purple Line under my toe where it meets my foot could be the beginings of a Diabetic Ulcer?
How Long does Diabetic Foot take to devolope?
Can a Person get Diabetes a Year after getting the All Clear by his Doctor?
Can a Young Person like me get Diabetic Foot or does it involve older people?

I am sadly overweight and dont any exercise because I am suffering Agoraphobia and Anxiety!


Please Give me some advice?

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Can any Doctor give me some advice on this Forum. i am scared and frigtened. I have also had new devolopments in my wound. The wound under my left little toe between the toe and the foot has become a little deaper and I am terrified it could be a Diabetic Ulcer growing. My wound does not smell bad or has leaked any discharge and that is the good thing so far.The wound does not look infected but thing that concerns me is the depht of the wound and it's lengh of time that it is taking to heal. I am begging some doctor or expert please give me some advice and some assurances that I might have nor have not a Diabetic Ulcer.

I have some other questions

I got an all clear from my last year's medical checkup that I dont have Diabetes, Can a Diabetic Ulcer devolope in only a years time or does it need years to devolope and can you tell me does Diabetic Ulcers have a set time frame to devolope?

I have had this post for several days now and nobody has answer it and I am very angry and upset because of this.
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None of us here are doctors, we are only patients.   There is not always someone who can answer a post immediately.  So please don't take this as an offence.

I would like to reassure you.  Diabetic neuropathy and skin conditions develops over a long time (years) with highly elevated blood sugar.  The fact that you got an all clear from last year's medical makes it very unlikley that you would be having such a problem.

What you describe on  your foot sounds nothing like the problems that people experience when they have diabetic problems with wound healing.  I think the red line you describe is actually a scar.  You are saying that there is no infection and also no discharge.  That is very good.  It is just a red/purple line.  Just keep your foot clean and dry.  After you take your bath you can rub a little moisturiser on it / or a little oil (like coconut, or apricot, or almond or other soothing oil).

When you have your next checkup you can also ask your doctor to further screen for diabetes (testing the HA1C, which gives average blood sugar levels over the past few months).  This will definitely be able to reassure you.

Are you being treated for your anxiety and agoraphobia?  

Seeing  you are so concerned with diabetes, it would be good that you can do things to prevent it developing.  To prevent diabetes, diet and exercise are both important.  Can you try to follow a lower carb type diet (avoiding sweet foods) and with some portion control.

I understand that you cannot go out easily because of the agoraphobia.  However,there are also things you can do to exercise in your own home.  There are some very good low impact exercise DVDs available that you can watch and follow on your TV.  A stationary bike can be relatviely inexpensive and it can also be done while watching television.

I hope this is helpful to you.  
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I'm a bit perplexed that you are expressing that much concern and describing your symptoms in detail and expected people on a website to diagnose you! We are not doctors. No, it doesn't sound like anything characteristic of diabetes but it DOES sound like something to have a doctor check out. Please go and see your doctor and have him assess what is going on with your foot.
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