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I tore off my 4th toenail. (T2 diabetic)

Tues night I think pulling sock off I pulled off toenail as well. I discovered it Wed am. It was sitting katywompus clinging by a thread so I removed it. Dark red pulp but no bleeding. Toenail came off cleanly and there was only about 1/8 inch demarcation from below the skin line on the nail.  I have been irrigating with my non-bleach antiseptic wipes 'Covid' juice and leaving open to the air. Unfortunately I am caring for my mother postoperatively so I have to leave home each day.  Then I am applying triple antibiotic ointment before bandaging and putting on unusual looking footwear :-)  I seem to do better without the ointment??? I have a small bit of brownish yellow exudate each day in the center of the pulp but not along the edges. No streaks faint sunburn on tip of toe which seems more related to the initial trauma. Do I leave the exudate on or remove it when cleaning each day? Will a new toenail grow in? Looking at my foot it looks like I have unpainted toenails with dark red polish on this toe-the dark red pulp is shiny. 2hr drive to get to my healthcare in whom I have no confidence. TIA (would like to hear anyone else's personal stories of toenail loss.)
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That hurts me to think about!  I lost a toenail this past summer.  I mean, it was traumatic at the end as it clung by a thread.  lol  I had a long standing injury and that toe nail wanted off for a long time.  Now i have a new purty one.  :>))  Honestly, I didn't paint it and left it alone.  You probably have that half crescent coming up.  My toe felt just fine in a matter of days.  It's cold where you live?  (I live in the states, it gets chilly in fall where I live).  Just put on socks and try to forget about it. It will grow. My new toe nail is perfect.  I started painting it with the rest of my toes at about the 2 month mark.  My friend did paint her bed as she couldn't stand one naked toe.  but they grow back, no issues.  
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Hello~I noticed you said you were a T2 Diabetic, since this is the case, I think I would contact either your GP or podiatrist to make sure the toe heals without any infection.
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Thanks, I am allergic to Bactrim. The OTC triple antibiotic ointment (Bacitracin is one of the 3) made the toe worse each time, as did any bandaging, so soap and water and exposed to the air, with antiseptic wipes/irrigation (no chlorine bleach in them) is how I am proceeding. Is there a chemical connection between BACtrim and BACitracin?

Many years ago I had a non-traumatic toenail loss on the toe next to this one-it just slid off while drying off after shower-that one had no raw skin under it and grew back in completely normal so I will hope with this traumatic one.  

Reduced sensitivity because of the diabetes meant this  one wasn't as painful as it could have been.

ps how far below the exposed nail does a toenail usually extend?
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pss lol--does a toenail grow up from the bed vertically or grow out from the bed horizontally?  Is the pulp under the exposed nail part of the bed?
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