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Ingrowing toe nail after surgery.

I had my ingrowing toenail surgery done yesterday, he numbed my toe with 4 to 6 injections. And then did the removal he removed more on one side then the other. I couldn't sleep all last night because of the pain, painkillers are not working. Today their is a lot of blood on the bandage and it is still hurting extremely, like throbbing, stinging and burning. How long will the pain carry on 4? I can hardly walk as it is.
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What does your post have to do with type 2 diabetes? Get off the computer and call the doctor, let him/her know of your discomfort.
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I didn't mean to obv...
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If you are diabetic, please keep a constant watch on this as it heals. If it doesn't heal or doesn't look right at all, call your doctor. You do not want to get a staff infection because that will mean going into a barametric chamber to help heal it. Just stay off of it as much as you can.
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