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Is Apple Good for Diabetes and Blood Sugar Levels?

I need to know Is Apple Good for Diabetes and Blood Sugar Levels? Does the sugar in them hurt or help?

Does the form of apple matter, like raw apple or applesauce or cooked apples?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for the question.  Why is apple hot on your mind?  They are indeed good tasting.  Apples have some sugar in them but in general, the American Diabetes Association or ADA has stated there is no reason to avoid them. The type of sugar that apples has is not like 'added sugar which is to be avoided.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321882.php  Please let us know if you have any other questions about this or diet and diabetes in general.  We're happy to help.
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with regards to eating fruit, I would say that it depends on your blood sugar response.  If your blood sugar stays in target range when you eat an apple, or a portion of an apple, then you are fine. If i makes you go high, then best to avoid fruits.

Alternative fruits such as berries and kiwi fruit tend to have less blood glucose impact compared to other sweet fruits.  Size of serving also makes a difference.

Hope this helps.
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Raw apple is better than applesauce,  apple juice, and apple pie, but whether it is bad for you depends on how you eat it when you eat it how much of it you eat and what else you also ate.

The total amount of net carbs you eat in a day is one number to watch, and the total number of net carbs you eat all at once is another number to watch.  

So lets say you limit yourself to 50 net carbs a day. (net carbs is total carbs minus fiber carbs.) A snack is sometimes suggested to be 15 net carbs. (Yum, chunk of cheese and handful of pecans!) Offhand I dont know the net carb of an apple but you can look that up and think about it.

When the sugar levels in your blood are too high, the blood becomes abrasive to your body.

If you eat all of your carbs all at once, your blood sugar will go higher than if you ration it out over the course of a day.  

So you can have your apple and eat it too, but not if you are going to eat the entire orchard all at once lol
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For pills a little is okay but it's all full of sugar. Stick to berries. I'm diabetic too.
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