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Is a Glucose Tolerance test better than an A1 test?

I have a family history of diabetes. Mother, grandfather & a borderline brother.I had gestational diabetes that went away after I lost the baby weight. I've eaten a very  rigid healthy diet my whole life. Recently, I'm up all night in bathroom, my fingers are numb, my mouth tastes like sugar, I feel Whaley at times, my vision is blurry when I'm hungry and I feel at times like I'm dying of thirst. I've been testing my blood sugar and whenI eat 3 meals and snacks, I test up to 176 2 hrs after meals. It can be150, 135...all over map. My weight is low and my A1 was 5.2. I'm frustrated because in order to get a low BG reading,I just don't eat or eat very little. I can get my numbers under 100 this way. If I eat, it's much higher. The doctor doesn't believe I can eat diabetic. I'm seeing an endocrinologist on the11th. Should I request a glucose tolerance test? Maybe Im not diabetic, but my symptoms seem to lean that way.
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When was your A1C test? It is possible for you to be at higher risk of developing diabetes when you've had gestational diabetes. It's a good idea that you're seeing an endocrinologist next month.

This info about gestational diabetes might help:


Please come back to the forums and let us know what you hear from your endocrinologist!
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certainly it is possible to have diabetes (more likely after gestational diabetes).  You probably should be checked for type 1 diabetes, which can also occur as an adult.   This will involve antibody testing as well as checking blood insulin levels.

Although your sugar levels are not terribly high, they do seem higher than normal.  

Hba1c of 5.2 is not high, and still within high normal range.  However, if it is type 1, things can deteriorate fairly quickly and a repeat Hba1c would likely be recommended.   The Endocrinologist may well recommend a glucose tolerance test.  Please do ask him for more comprehensive testing as well; as mentioned adult onset type 1 is also a possibility that should be ruled out.
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