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Is it because of diabetes or something else

I was diagnosed with diabetes with high blood sugar levels around 3 months ago. I changed my diet, started medication, and started doing walks as per doctor's advice. My blood sugar levels came to normal with all these changes, which took around 3 weeks. After that  suddenly I got severe pain in my feets. I had to take rest for 2 to 3 days when the pain cooled down and I could walk again. But anytime I walked little faster or little longer the pain would appear again and I had to take rest for couple of days. This went on and off for about 2 weeks and then I thought I should take rest for 2 to 3 weeks. I took rest and the pain cooled down buy still Iwas having pains in different parts of the feet even during rest. This has been now around 2.5 months and I still have mild pain that move around at different places of feet and sometime lower leg. Meantime I have consulted orthopedic doctors, nurologist, rheumatologist and vascular surgeon with basic tests done like x ray, mri, blood tests and ultrasound doppler test. All these tests are more or less normal as per doctors and do not explain the problem.I still continue to suffer from mild pain in my feets and occasionally lower legs, which increases with after doing short walks and cools down in rest but still happen doing rest. After daylong of short walks and standings the pain is more at night and I have to take pain killer and one medicine suggestefd by neurologist (pregab 75) to sleep.What can be the cause of this pain?
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It's hard to tell. I had different doctors giving different diagnosis results too. Some said I needed insulin!. I went online to check out reliable reading materials and one of it was  "INSULIN THERAPY - INJECT OR REJECT: DO YOU REALLY NEED INSULIN?" Very informative and helpful!

I was terrified when I knew that I had to go for the insulin treatment and I had to read more to know what's happening.

Good luck!
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Nuropothy. Sorry, not sure I spelled it correctly, but it starts in your toes and feet. Need good fitting shoes, get rid of high heals, they will make it worse! The good news is you found out and doing great at making changes in your life. I, unfortunately waited too long, in denial, and have lost a lot of feeling in my feet. I now get sharp pains in my legs and finger tips. You are doing a great job, and very wise to take charge and a good direction! Better early, and getting educated too! May try diabetic socks to help with your circulation. Massage your legs, get that blood flowing and cut out bad fats, bad carbs, and processed foods. A long time ago, a friend of mine told me to cut out all sugar, but I couldn't accept my condition, sooo I didn't do great like you... I have to live with my choices, but I now am empowered with making good choices. Better late than never. But you, you should receive a badge of honor to take such wonderful steps to take such great care, and loving yourself healthy!! You are worth it my friend... :)
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